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University Trips

Discover the World’s University field trips programme is dedicated to providing tailor-made educational travel for students. We organise field trips to a variety of destinations, with a primary focus on Iceland.

So whether you have considered starting field trips to a new destination, require advice from academics and scientists on appropriate study areas specific to your research or are concerned about safety, time and expertise – we can help in these matters and many more.


Meeting Your Requirements
Due to the specialised requirements of our university clients, it is only appropriate for us to tailor a field trip to meet the specific needs of each institution. Of course we do offer a variety of suggested itineraries which can provide a useful starting point. However most of our clients give us their requirements and we then customise a package to suit.


Academic Support
In addition we have close contact with a large number of universities, academics and other scientists in several of our destinations. We can organise for a local scientist to deliver a lecture on your chosen field of study. Alternatively we can organise visits to local universities and research centres. This will provide you with the specialist, invaluable advice needed when choosing your research area.


Why Study in Iceland?
Our primary focus for university trips is Iceland. In terms of proximity, access to nature’s processes and field trip logistics Iceland is ideal. Using our wide range of academic contacts we can advise you where best to study your chosen topics and can provide you with work sheets specific to several study areas in the south, many of which are used by some of our top university clients.

We are the founders of educational trips to Iceland and the world’s largest tour operator to this country and can therefore confidently state that we are the specialists; we have the resources to tailor your trip to meet your needs. Find out more »


Other Study Destinations
We are able to offer specialist travel arrangements and academic support in several other destinations suitable for study and research. Please contact us for more details.

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