Partnership with the Geographical Association

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Since 2016, we have been strategic partners with the Geographical Association. We meet regularly and work together to find new ways to deliver on our aims and objectives and stay abreast of topical changes in the geography community.

What have we achieved so far…

Some of the developments we have created through this partnership include the popular Geography Teacher Zone Facebook group, our award winning teaching resources and a new free geography teacher CPD service to further support you in the classroom. We have also offered discounted or free bursary school trip places to over 20 students, who otherwise would not have the opportunity to travel. Recently we’ve updated our partnership aim to also prioritise responsible travel.

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Our Partnership Aim:

To make the benefits of responsible, international travel more accessible to geography students, both inside and outside the classroom.

Partnership objectives

  • Educate the geography community on the importance of responsible travel, along with advice and support on how to become a responsible traveller.
  • Offer opportunities to experience the learning and personal development benefits of responsible, international travel to geography students, who through challenging circumstances or lack of opportunity, have not previously undertaken such a trip.
  • Help participating geography students and teachers make the most of their international travel experiences, through high-quality preparation, itineraries, resources and support.
  • Share the outcomes and experiences of responsible and international travel, with a wider audience of geography students and teachers.
  • Strive to limit the impact of Discover the World and the GA’s activities on the environment, by continuously reviewing and updating operational processes where viable.
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