Partnership with the Geographical Association

On the 1st November 2016, Discover the World Education (DTWE) became proud strategic partners with the Geographical Association (GA), the professional subject association for geography teaching.

Discover the World Education and the GA have entered into a strategic partnership with the following aims and objectives

Partnership Aim

To make the benefits of international field studies more accessible to geography students, both inside and outside the classroom.

Partnership Objectives

  • Offer opportunities to experience the learning and personal development benefits of international field study trips to geography students and teachers who, through challenging circumstances or lack of opportunity, have not previously undertaken such a trip.
  • Help participating geography students and teachers make the most of their international field study experiences, through high-quality preparation, itineraries, resources and support.
  • Share the outcomes and experiences of international field studies with a wider audience of geography students and teachers.
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What does the partnership mean to you and your students?

Bursary funded school trip to iceland

The heavily subsidised places will be reserved for students from disadvantaged backgrounds, who would not usually have the opportunity to take part in a school trip abroad without financial support. Visit bursary funded Iceland school trip to find out more

Free high-quality teaching resources

Discover the World Education will prepare a variety of free fieldwork and classroom resources, helping to make the benefits of international field studies more accessible to geography students both inside and outside the classroom. Discover our free teaching resources

Teacher training courses

We will organise a variety of complimentary and heavily subsidised teacher training courses both in the UK and abroad. Visit our Teacher Inspection Trips & teacher CPD courses to discover more

High-quality geography school trips linked to the curriculum

Through consultation with the Geographical Association, Discover the World Education will ensure their school trips remain relevant to the geography curriculum. Discover the World Education will only organise school trips to destinations they have thoroughly researched, allowing for high-quality preparation, tailored itineraries and support.