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Our popular and free webinars are back! Designed to provide original and invaluable teacher CPD whilst helping to enhance your students’ learning. Delivered by highly experienced former and practicing teachers to help support you and your students. This term we will be focusing on subject specific CPD for Geography teachers of all Key Stages.

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'A Week Without Walls'

This webinar will look at the educational benefits – pastoral and academic – of overseas trips and fieldwork in different places.

Karen Corfield, our Education Travel Manager, has organised and led many trips in her career as Head of Geography and Pastoral Deputy and has much expertise in running trips and seeing the invaluable impact they have on students. Now as an Icelandic Teacher Tour Leader, she continues to build on this experience with hundreds of students each year, and is excited to share her passion and love for providing students with these amazing opportunities.

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Tectonics and Iceland's newest volcanic eruption

Our first live online webinar of the current series focuses on tectonics and the newest volcanic case study from Iceland. Specifically, it explores the characteristics of the Fagradalsfjall eruption within the Geldingadalir region, and details the timeline of events including the reactions and responses of Iceland’s authorities and public.

We evaluate how accurate and effective Iceland’s prediction and precautions have been, and we follow up on how Iceland is continuing to monitor this geothermally and seismically active area.

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Running a school trip after COVID-19 restrictions end

In these sessions, Karen Corfield reflects on her 20 years’ experience as a teacher and assistant head, and using her extensive guiding and travel industry knowledge, she’ll cover the following:

– Consider the likely barriers and solutions to launching and running a trip.
– Health and safety considerations.
– Travel logistics and other practical information.

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In the meantime, watch this video for some inspiration to get you excited for planning your next school trip…

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Integrating Norway as a geographical case study with a Critical Thinking approach

This CPD webinar will showcase Norway as the perfect geographical case study and will consider the topics of glaciation, climate change, weather and climate, rivers and coasts, sustainable development, carbon neutrality and renewable energy.

During this webinar, we will make a critical assessment of the recent trends and developments in Norway with regard to its reliance on renewable energy and strive for carbon neutrality.

Key knowledge and understanding will be delivered, together with access to student resources and material.

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Posidonia Oceanica as a global issue with specialist Richard Thompson

This CPD aimed at teachers will focus on the global issue of Posidonia Oceanica.

This issue offers students real critical thinking opportunities and gives them the true “X factor”.

Posidonia Oceanica, commonly known as Neptune grass or Mediterranean tapeweed, is a seagrass species that is endemic to the Mediterranean Sea. It forms large underwater meadows that are an important part of the ecosystem and have a significant role as a carbon sink, absorbing carbon dioxide, storing carbon and helping to alleviate the effects of climate change. Among their many functions, Posidonia Oceanica meadows play a part in stabilising seabeds, breaking swells and waves, and encouraging the deposit of sedimentary particles. This webinar will consider the importance of Posidonia Oceanica in terms of the many different geographical themes – political, economic, social, environmental and physical.
Key knowledge and understanding will be delivered, together with access to student resources and material.

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Iceland Erupts

This webinar will bring you the latest from Iceland’s live case study of seismic and volcanic activity.

What are the effects of the Reykjanes eruption and how are Icelanders responding?

We will explore that the characteristics of the eruption and detail the timeline of events including the reactions and responses of Iceland’s authorities and public. We can now evaluate how accurate and effective Iceland’s prediction and precautions have been, as we follow up on the narrative of events from the “Iceland awakes” webinar.

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Iceland Awakes

The hot topic in Iceland right now is earthquake swarm activity on the Reykjanes peninsula, and an anticipated volcanic eruption.

This webinar will examine the exciting question How is Iceland managing the ongoing tectonic hazard?

We will explore this live case study of tectonic activity, bringing you the latest from Iceland. Whilst recapping the processes at play, the focus of the webinar will be how monitoring, prediction, protection and planning are used reduce the risks posed by earthquakes and volcanic activity in the area. We’ll update you on how Icelanders are responding to the constantly changing situation.

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The Rivers and Coasts of Iceland

This webinar will reinforce fluvial and coastal processes, look at the different landforms and highlight examples that are not always “text book” geography. Plus, this session will include plenty of “thinking like a geographer” opportunities, enabling students to really challenge their way of thinking.

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The Challenge of Natural Hazards - Climate Change

Expanding on our natural hazards webinar, this session will look at the causes and effects of climate change, but will focus on the impact of this change on the glacial landscapes of Iceland. This webinar will be run by our very own Karen Corfield and Dr Richard Waller, who is a Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography at Keele University.

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Virtual Fieldtrip to Norway

During this tour, we shall outline the many links to the geography curriculum, and also highlight the invaluable pastoral opportunities that a trip to Norway can provide for your students.

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Resource Management - Energy

Using Iceland as a case study, Karen Corfield will show how different strategies can be used to increase energy supply, the butterfly effect of the strategies, and opportunities for your students to really “think like geographers”.

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The Challenge of Living with Natural Hazards - Iceland Case Study

Using Iceland as a case study, Karen Corfield will look at the definition of natural hazards and why they pose a risk to people and property. We will then explore the reasons why the Icelandic population thrive in living in an area at risk from tectonic hazards.

This webinar will introduce a new tectonic case study within Iceland – Katla, and how the Icelanders are monitoring, predicting, preparing and planning for this tectonic event.

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To Fly or Not to Fly: the Challenge with Going Green

Former lecturer in Tourism and Iceland specialist, Sarah Rimington will explore the fragile balance and dilemma of ensuring that travel is sustainable and responsible.

Sarah will touch on the psychology behind critical thinking, with the view of encouraging a balanced and objective perspective whilst considering the challenges around this emotive topic. It will be argued that social, environmental, economic, health and political factors all interlink and need to be in balance and harmony to ensure that meaningful solutions to tackling climate change are identified.

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The Circular Economy in Practice: A Case Study on how a school in Costa Rica is striving to become a sustainable leader

Join Mark Whalen, a geography teacher at Pan American School Costa Rica, which has recently received a 5 star Blue Flag Certification by the Ministry of Education as a leading Eco-School.

Mark will detail the school’s bottom-up approach to student engagement and project-based learning, where they are starting to see significant positive change in student consumption habits, even during the Covid-19 lockdown. You’ll also learn more on the school’s goal to collecting plastic waste.

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Virtual geography school trip to Mallorca

Join Richard Thompson, a geographer and owner of the Es Pla Education Centre, on a virtual tour of Mallorca. Using stunning imagery, Richard will cover the highlights of Mallorca and provide invaluable information from a geographical perspective.

Perfect for teachers and students who missed out on a Mallorca trip, or are considering visiting in the future. Click on the image to play our video on what makes a geography trip to Mallorca great.

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International Virtual Teachmeet

Join David Rogers, a well-known geography teacher, as he hosts this virtual Teachmeet. Teachmeets are an organised but informal meeting for teachers to share best practice, innovations and personal insights in teaching. Taking full advantage of the online opportunity, we are calling teachers from across the world to get involved and to share your ideas with many across the globe.

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Tourism in Rural Iceland: The Role of Perceptions in Sustainable Tourism Management

Former lecturer in Tourism and Iceland specialist, Sarah Rimington will explore the role of perceptions in tourism management, with a particular focus on tourism in rural Iceland. Following an overview of the rise of tourism in Iceland in recent years, tourists’ interaction with nature will be explored, along with the challenges this presents for Iceland’s fragile ecosystems.

The concepts of ‘carrying capacity’ and ‘overtourism’, in relation to rural Iceland, will be explored using the ‘Purism Scale’ and ‘Tourism Life Cycle Model’.

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Eyjafjallajokull Eruption and the Impacts 10 Years Later

Karen Corfield is repeating this webinar due to popular demand.

“This is an outstanding presentation about the Eyjafjallajökull eruption in 2010 and its impacts. Every teacher’s wish list contains detailed and evidenced case studies – and this one delivers the job. As well as detailing the nature of the eruption, and what made it such a serious global event, Karen Corfield demonstrates the evidence for often-neglected impacts such as upon human health, and the economic shift into farming.

The evidence base is both immediate from 2010, and longer-term, so that this is a truly reflective and analytical case study which will ideally suit all GCSE and A level specifications.”

Bob Digby, Geographer and Former GA President

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Virtual Guided Iceland School Trip and Lesson

Join Karen Corfield, a former head of geography and Iceland guide, on a virtual tour of Iceland. Using stunning imagery and video footage, Karen will cover the highlights of South West Iceland and provide invaluable information from a geographical perspective.

Perfect for teachers and students who missed out on an Iceland trip, or are considering visiting in the future.

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