Geography Education Webinars Series 2

These popular and free webinars have been designed to provide original and invaluable teacher CPD whilst helping to enhance your student’s learning. Delivered by highly experienced former and practising teachers to help support you and your students whilst working from home and back in the classroom. The schedule for our second series of webinars can be found below, and previous series can be found here.

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The Challenge of Living with Natural Hazards - Iceland Case Study

Using Iceland as a case study, Karen Corfield will look at the definition of natural hazards and why they pose a risk to people and property. We will then explore the reasons why the Icelandic population thrive in living in an area at risk from tectonic hazards.

This webinar will introduce a new tectonic case study within Iceland – Katla, and how the Icelanders are monitoring, predicting, preparing and planning for this tectonic event.

2nd June 16.00


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To Fly or Not to Fly: the Challenge with Going Green

Former lecturer in Tourism and Iceland specialist, Sarah Rimington will explore the fragile balance and dilemma of ensuring that travel is sustainable and responsible.

Sarah will touch on the psychology behind critical thinking, with the view of encouraging a balanced and objective perspective whilst considering the challenges around this emotive topic. It will be argued that social, environmental, economic, health and political factors all interlink and need to be in balance and harmony to ensure that meaningful solutions to tackling climate change are identified.

Sarah will also reflect on the learnings from the Covid-19 pandemic to help us further consider solutions. We hope the information will help empower you and your students to critically think about the different issues.

3rd June 16.00


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The Circular Economy in Practice: A Case Study on how a school in Costa Rica is striving to become a sustainable leader

Join Mark Whalen, a geography teacher at Pan American School Costa Rica, which has recently received a 5 star Blue Flag Certification by the Ministry of Education as a leading Eco-School.

Mark will detail the school’s bottom-up approach to student engagement and project-based learning, where they are starting to see significant positive change in student consumption habits, even during the Covid-19 lockdown. You’ll also learn more on the school’s goal to collecting plastic waste. Here Mark will discuss how a community and model has been created, for a fully circular economy around plastic pollution. With this model, students are able to view the full breadth of the Circular Economy and the part they play in developing it in Costa Rica with their goal of becoming a Zero Waste School that invests in sustainable development of the community, country, and the wider world.

9th June 16.00


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Virtual geography school trip to Mallorca

Join Richard Thompson, a geographer and owner of the Es Pla Education Centre on a virtual tour of Mallorca. Using stunning imagery, Richard will cover the highlights of Mallorca and provide invaluable information from a geographical perspective.

Perfect for teachers and students who missed out on a Mallorca trip, or are considering visiting in the future. Click on the image to play our video on what makes a geography trip to Mallorca great.

10th June 16.00


International Virtual Teachmeet

Join David Rogers, a well-known geography teacher as he hosts this virtual Teachmeet. Teachmeets are an organised but informal meeting for teachers to share best practice, innovations and personal insights in teaching. Taking full advantage of the online opportunity, we are calling teachers from across the world to get involved and to share your ideas with many across the globe.

Please note – you need to sign up separately for this event, link below.

This webinar has now been scheduled for June 11th, instead of June 4th.

11th June 16.30


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Running a school trip after COVID-19

Join Karen Corfield as she offers in-depth advice to running a school trip after the COVID 19 travel restrictions have been lifted. Karen will reflect on her 20 years’ experience as a teacher and assistant head, along with her extensive guiding and travel industry knowledge, she’ll cover the following:

– Consider the likely barriers and solutions to launching and running a trip.
– The benefits of provisionally launching during the uncertainty, so to offer your students hope and to secure the best availability, without any financial commitment.
– Health and safety considerations.
– Travel logistics and other practical information.

We’ve designed the sessions to be interactive and so there are limited spaces available, please email your interest using the link below and state your  school name, job title, school email address.

16th June 16.00


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