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Resilience and Wellbeing Trips

At Discover the World Education, we believe that school trips are much more than visiting a new country. They allow students to try something new, experience different cultures, and shape their independence. That’s why travelling plays a unique role in building students’ resilience and well-being.


We have teamed up with Critical Thinkers to design school trips that focus on building self-esteem, confidence, teamwork skills, and resilience while offering moments to reflect and take in their epic outdoor surroundings.

Check out our example itineraries below for an insight into our resilience and well-being trips. Alternatively, you can combine some of these activities with an academic or curriculum-focused trip. Talk to our Travel Specialists about designing a bespoke itinerary for you and your students.

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Destinations with Resilience and Wellbeing Trips
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Discover a Costa Rica School Trip

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