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Discover the World Education and the Geographical Association have formed a strategic partnership, with the aim of making the benefits of international field studies more accessible to geography students, both inside and outside the classroom.

As part of our ongoing commitment to fulfilling this aim, Discover the World Education have produced a variety of free geography resources.

If you missed our webinar series, created as part of our partnership with the Geographical Association, you can still catch up on them now. Discover more »

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Classroom Activities

edu big geography quiz summer 2020

The Big ‘Summer 2020’ Geography Quiz

  • Put your students knowledge to the test with the Big ‘Summer 2020’ Geography Quiz. The quiz is suitable for most geographers and consists of 10 big rounds.
edu iceland earthquake swarm map

Mount Thorbjörn Volcano Classroom Activities

  • A series of classroom activities around the various reports from Iceland regarding potential magma accumulation and an associated risk of volcanic activity.
Teacher and students white board

Do Now Activities – January 2020

  • PowerPoint includes 10 'Do Now' starter activities, with a source image and some prompt questions from January 2020!
edu big quiz front cover 2019

The Big Geography Quiz 2019

  • 10 rounds of topical geography questions including an exclusive round from Kids Against Plastic
edu resource lava map

Comparing Lava Types

  • Teaching resource, activities and videos on lava types in Iceland
education classroom globe istk

Do Now Starter Activities

  • Topical questions to kick off your lesson and get your students thinking!
edu quiz image 2019 2

The Big Summer End Of Year Geography Quiz!

  • Last chance to test your students knowledge before the summer
iceland barbardunga lava

Tectonic Hazards Assessment Mats

  • 25 minute homework or in class assessment on tectonic hazards
  • including an Eyjafjallajökull eruption case study
edu big quiz heading

The Big Geography Quiz Of 2018

  • Download our PowerPoint Quizzes
student in uniform istk

NEW! "Geography Teacher Zone" community

  • Bridge the gap between the latest geography research, the news and your classroom
hawaii big island kilauea lava istk

Iceland and Hawaii: A comparison exercise for your classroom

  • Classroom activities: comparing how the physical, social, economic and environmental effects differ in Hawaii and Iceland.
iceland snaefellsnes berserkjahraun lava field rth

Using literature in the geography classroom: Iceland

  • How can geographers support their students to develop literacy skills? Jo Coles provides her advice and a range of classroom activities...
iceland bardarbunga volcano tourist eruption atg

How to Speak 'Volcano'

  • Jo Coles discusses the importance of using geographical language in the classroom and provides ideas on how to get your students speaking like geographers.
south east iceland jokulsarlon midnight sun rth

How to Speak 'Glaciers'

  • Jo Coles discusses the importance of using geographical language in the classroom and provides fun classroom exercises to get students thinking like a glaciologist.