Kids Against Plastic

Sisters Amy and Ella Meek began their crusade against single use plastic while studying the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development as part of a project while being home-schooled by their parents. They were shocked and saddened to learn the extent of the plastic pollution in our oceans. They also realised how few options eco-conscious consumers have when shopping in supermarkets.

From these realisations, the girls were determined to take action and set their goal of getting supermarkets to stock non-plastic alternatives to bottled water.

It has since gone above and beyond this initial idea and the girls have campaigned other forms of plastic pollution as well as beginning large litter pickup schemes for schools and helped cafes, schools, businesses, festivals and even councils become Plastic Clever. Their schools initiative, Plastic Clever Schools, has over 450 schools registered, and growing.

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Become Plastic Clever Travellers

We’ve teamed up with Kids Against Plastic to help ensure that we become plastic clever and that we empower our teachers and students to do the same.

We are working together to create a series of videos, resources and guides to help spread awareness of environmental issues and inspire students and teachers to get involved in whatever ways they can!

Kids Against Plastic have three main aims:

  • Raise awareness and understanding of the problems caused by plastic misuse
  • Encourage and support others to become ‘Plastic Clever’ and reduce single-use plastics
  • Empower children and young people to believe they can make a difference

Amy and Ella have also helped us put together our Student Guide to Responsible Travel – a handy guide to help students take charge of their environmental impact when travelling on a school trip or with their families.

Student Guide to Responsible Travel

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Plastic Clever Packing Tips

Investigating Plastic in the Azores

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