Carbon Offsetting

Carbon Offsetting

We’re passionate about learning outside of the classroom to support education and create once-in-a-lifetime memories. However, we acknowledge that our school trips contribute to environmentally damaging air travel pollution. Therefore we made it our goal for students to see the world in an environmentally friendly way.

That’s why we’ve carefully selected to partner with Greener Growth to reduce our corporate carbon emissions and those produced from our trips.

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Our Partnership with Greener Growth

Our partnership has a clear aim; to inspire, educate and take accountability for our planet.

Greener Growth is a community interest company that transforms neglected or unused land to restore its natural biodiversity. Like us, they see the benefits of outdoor learning and work closely with schools to help them enhance green areas, create wild spaces and build awareness for the outdoor classroom.

How it Works

Corporate Emissions

Behind the scenes, Greener Growth is working on various projects to offset our corporate emissions. Including planting a woodland of 1000 trees to develop biodiversity on derelict land and help capture carbon emissions for years to come.

School Trip Emissions

When you book your school trip with us, you can choose to offset the carbon emissions produced. Each tree costs £20 per student and compensates for one tonne of Co2 over its lifetime (one trip to Iceland can release half a tonne of Co2, that’s double the impact!)

Greener Growth will calculate your carbon emissions and how many trees are needed to offset your trip. As well the tree planting project, Greener Growth will also support you through consultations to help develop your project, this includes; supporting bio-diversity, knowledge of planting formations, and assistance in protecting your woodland in the future. You’ll also have access to FREE teaching resources that link directly to the geography syllabus and encourage environmental awareness in schools. 

Greener Growth also offers additional projects like habitat havens, small wildlife ponds, nuttery, fencing options and even rainwater capturing tanks to assist your students’ annual fieldwork requirements.


Why you should opt-in: 

  • To help students learn about carbon emissions, carbon offsetting and the different variety of carbon offsetting projects
  • Raise awareness about how to travel responsibly and see it as a force for good
  • Educate students on the importance of growing native vegetation to enhance environments and improve bio-diversity
  • So you’re choosing a provider that offsets their corporate emissions 
  • Allow your school and community to be part of meaningful and impactful tree-planting projects
  • Be supported through your tree planting or garden projects

What are you waiting for?

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