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Geographer Toolkit CPD Workshops

These CPD workshops will be led by Karen Corfield who has extensive experience in education, including over 20 years as Head of Geography and Pastoral Deputy Head. Karen has worked in a variety of different schools and has experience in teaching across the Key Stages, as well as delivering quality teacher CPD.

Karen is now also an Area Manager and one of our most experienced Icelandic Tour Leaders, at Discover the World Education. Her extensive knowledge and training, puts Karen in an excellent position to deliver highly effective CPD for you and your colleagues.

Sessions will last approximately 1 – 3 hours, with flexible timings, that can be built around your needs.

Your ultimate guide to geography school trips and fieldwork

Discover the World Education, The Field Studies Council and The Geographical Association are providing FREE in-person geography CPD delivering the details and benefits of organising school trips and fieldwork. 

This fully comprehensive free CPD event will explore how geography teachers can enhance their fieldwork opportunities, and provide teaching suggestions for enriching learning experiences outside of the classroom. In addition to methods of maximising fieldwork studies, in this CPD workshop you will also discover practical advice on planning and leading successful fieldwork and inspiring school trips both in terms of learning outcomes and student experiences.

When? Friday 1st September 09:30 – 15:30

Where? Discover the World Education Office – One Dorking Office Park, Station Road, Dorking, Surrey, RH4 1HJ

Please note; this is an in-person event and will not be offered online

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  • *NEW FOR 2023* – Seeing like a Geographer

This CPD explores the value of imagery in the classroom and the reasons why imagery is so important. Karen will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of incorporating images into our teaching pedagogy and the practical strategies you can develop to embed valuable imagery into your practice. This CPD is 60 minutes plus discussion time and can be extended to 120 minutes if required.

Other Topics Include:

  • Writing like a Geographer – inspire, enthuse & challenge your students to ‘write like a geographer’
  • Thinking like a Geographer – encouraging geography students to think independently and critically
  • Case Studies – Supporting the effective implementation of new and exciting case studies
  • Exploring free high quality, award-winning resources to assist in your classroom
  • Q&As regarding international field trip opportunities


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Subject Knowledge CPD Workshops

The presentations will be delivered by Sarah Rimington, a former Lecturer in Travel and Tourism Management with extensive industry experience. Sarah has over 15 years’ experience in the travel industry, 8 years as Lecturer and Course Leader for travel and tourism and aviation management undergraduate courses, and experience of teaching on BTEC travel and tourism courses.

Sarah is now Area Manager at Discover the World Education and has a particular interest in responsible travel and sustainable tourism management.

Sessions will last approximately an hour with flexible timings that can be tailored to your requirements.

This talk can also be included as part of an existing CPD event.


  • Tourism in Rural Iceland: The Role of Perceptions in Sustainable Tourism Management

Drawing on recent research, this session will explore the role of perceptions in tourism management, with a particular focus on tourism in rural Iceland.

Following an overview of the rise of tourism in Iceland in recent years, tourists’ interaction with nature will be explored, along with the challenges this presents for Iceland’s fragile ecosystems.

The concepts of ‘carrying capacity’ and ‘overtourism’, in relation to rural Iceland, will be explored using the ‘Purism Scale’ and ‘Tourism Life Cycle Model’.

Tourists’ perception of a destination, their tolerance for anthropogenic impacts on the landscape, and the importance of spatial-planning in sustainable tourism management will be analysed.

The Katla UNESCO Global Geopark will be introduced as a case study.

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