Iceland Teacher Tour Leading Service

For all school groups travelling with Discover the World Education to Iceland, we are pleased to announce more exciting options available…

You can now choose between a teacher tour leader, a locally trained guide or both!

Teacher Tour Leader Profile

  • UK qualified, often still practising and highly experienced geography, geology or science teachers
  • All have a good general knowledge of Iceland. They have visited the destination on numerous occasions, often with their own school group and have completed a Discover the World tour leader course.
  • Ideal for those that require assistance with teaching whilst on tour.
  • Suitable only for the South of Iceland.
  • We recommend this service if your tour involves more of an academic or field work focus
  • Subject to availability

Meet our Teacher Tour Leaders here

Locally Trained Guide Profile:

  • We only use guides who have completed at least one year’s training at the Icelandic Guiding School.
  • All have an outstanding general knowledge of Iceland, its culture and geography.
  • They tend to have a greater rounded knowledge of Iceland than a teacher tour leader. However, they are not qualified teachers.
  • We highly recommend an expert local guide if you prefer a more rounded tour, as opposed to one which is primarily of an academic or fieldwork focus.