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How To Run A Cost Effective School Trip

Book Far In Advance

The earlier you begin the planning process for your trip the more time parents and carers will have to raise the money for their child’s trip and also the more cost effective it will be. When you book earlier we are able to secure accommodation and activities at a competitive rate and you will have the first choice of flights when they come on sale. If you book last minute you will notice a significant increase in price.

*Top Tip* Aim For a Large Group

Bigger groups are splitting the cost between them and often getting a great deal for travel and accommodation. There is a balancing act here, for example if you fill one large coach, one extra passenger could mean you need two coaches and your cost price will rise. Ask your travel specialist about the best group size for the price you want.

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Plan An Effective Launch

One thing that could affect your price is having students drop out at the last minute, or not being able to secure the group size that your price was based on. We recommend reading our advice on improving your group size. Also consider including extra contingency to your costs or a wait-list for your trip to ensure that if one student’s situation changes it won’t affect the price of the other students’ trips.

Launch your trip with presentations and parents evenings to ensure the parents and carers of each student are clear about the timelines of the trip and when information will be needed.

*Top Tip* Be Flexible About Your Travel Dates

If you are able to give our Travel Specialists a window in which you can travel rather than fixed dates you are likely to get a better deal. The time of year and even day of the week can have incremental changes to your price which add up overall. Of course, off season and term time travel is the best time to achieve value for money.

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Get Your Deposits In Early

One of the biggest challenges in arranging group travel is that flights usually only become available about 11 months prior to travel. We always aim to get our groups confirmed on flights as soon as they become available but in order to do this we need to have deposit money from your school. Getting deposits in on time is essential to make sure your trip costs stay as low as possible. Talk to your Travel Specialist about planning contingency for your flights and how your choice of airline could impact your trip.

*Top Tip* Choose Hostels Not Hotels

We only work with accommodations which meet our high standards and those of the School Travel Forum so you can be assured whether you choose a hostel in the city centre or a rural property, even our most basic accommodation will be clean and comfortable. Work with your Travel Specialist to choose the best accommodation for your budget.

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Request Free Or Low-Cost Alternative Activities

Our destinations have been chosen for their incredible landscapes, unique cultures and charming people. If you are on a tight budget ask your Travel Specialist about low cost activities or free things to do in the area. Why not explore local walking trails, design a scavenger hunt in the city or visit a local pool rather than tourist stops like the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. Our Travel Specialists have visited their destinations extensively and will be able to advise on which activities are a ‘must-do’ and which you can do another way to save some pennies.

*Top Tip* Don’t Splash Out On Snacks And Souvenirs

Although trip hoodies are a wonderful souvenir, you can also buy cheap wristbands or caps for a lower cost. The same goes for meals and snacks out, tell your students to take some snacks and stick to hostel provided meals and packed lunches where needed.

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