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Icelandic Lava Show

In the stunning coastal town of Vik, something spectacular has arrived!

The Icelandic Lava Show is the only show in the world where you and your students will be able to witness the sight and sound of real flowing lava as it bursts, bright and bubbling into a dark room and rolls onto a huge block of ice.

You will feel the heat of the lava in this safe environment and begin to truly understand the impact volcanoes have had on this tiny island.

In addition to the display, you will hear real life stories of how local people have escaped volcanic eruptions as well as watching a short video about volcanoes in Iceland.

We think geographers, scientists and adventurers will love this activity and it is a perfect and memorable addition to any Iceland visit.

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The Icelandic Lava show can be added as a daytime or evening activity during your visit to Iceland. The facility also offers delicious homemade soup, making it an ideal stop after visiting the windy black beaches of Vik.

Speak to your travel specialist about including this in your itinerary or add ‘Lava Show’ to your wish list on our enquiry form.

“The intriguing connection between the show and the village of Vik means that the experienced hosts are able to demonstrate the effect that the lava will have on the place that they live. This extends to explaining the evacuation plan and telling the story of their family who survived the 1918 glacial floods. Feeling the heat of the lava whilst hearing their fascinating insight means that we are all able to better understand the threat of Katla, and the effect of her inevitable next eruption

“As a geography teacher, I felt the show connected many key curriculum teachings in an exciting and sensory way. The Lava Show is able to support not only what you have taught in the classroom but also some of the sights they will see whilst in Iceland. For example, they explain how basalt columns are formed, relating to real world formations which students will later see at Reynisfjara!”

Simon Wells Product Manager (and ex geography teacher)


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