Icelandic Lava Show

In the stunning coastal town of Vik, something spectacular has arrived!

The new Icelandic Lava Show is the only show in the world where you and your students will be able to witness the sight and sound of real flowing lava as it bursts, bright and bubbling into a dark room and rolls onto a huge block of ice.

You will feel the heat of the lava in this safe environment and begin to truly understand the impact volcanoes have had on this tiny island.

In addition to the display, you will hear real life stories of how local people have escaped volcanic eruptions as well as watching a short video about volcanoes in Iceland.

We think geographers, scientists and adventurers will love this activity and it is a perfect and memorable addition to any Iceland visit.

For UK school groups this experience is totally unique and exclusive to Discover the World Education.

Speak to your travel specialist about including this in your itinerary.