School Trips For Science

Our science trips have been designed in collaboration with science teachers and educational establishments to ensure they are engaging and relevant to the current science curriculum, whilst experiencing some of our destinations most magnificent natural features.

Iceland and Costa Rica in particular provide ample opportunity for study of a number of science topics, including; energy for biological processes, biodiversity, conservation, rock cycles, climate change, water resources, photosynthesis and energy.

Courses from the Field Studies Council

You may wish to enhance your science trip by adding a fieldwork course to your itinerary. We offer unique courses run by the Field Studies Council in Iceland so that your students can put their practical skills to the test during their trip. Speak to our team if you are interested in integrating this into your itinerary.

Iceland Students Geysir Group

Top 10 Science Experiences

  1. Northern lights in Iceland
  2. FSC course: rocky shores of the Reykjanes Peninsula
  3. Explore biodiversity of Costa Rican rainforest
  4. Learn about sustainable energy in Azores
  5. Discuss effects of climate change on glaciers in New Zealand
  6. Explore the ecosystems of the fissures in Sicily
  7. Three Gorges Dam in China
  8. Discuss the effect of deforestation in Costa Rica
  9. Learn how scientists are preserving the endangered panda species in China
  10. Have fun with forces at the adventure camp in Norway
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