Step By Step Guide To Planning Your School Trip

Whether this is your 1st trip or your 50th trip, our step by step guide describes the 5 steps to a stress free planning and booking.

Whether you are planning a last-minute trip for a few months time or want to organise a trip for two years time, we can accommodate your group. Whenever you want to travel, it’s time to start planning!

Our Travel Specialists have gathered their top tips to create a step by step guide to booking an unforgettable school trip. We have been arranging group trips for over 35 years so this approach is tried and tested. Don’t worry if you aren’t able to stick too rigidly to this order after all every school is different. We pride ourselves on flexibility, talk to our Travel Specialists today to start your adventure.

5 Simple Steps To Plan Your Next School Trip

Step 1. Get in Touch

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Call us on 01737 218 807 or submit your enquiry on our website to get started.

Not sure when you want to travel? Don’t worry, if you can give us an idea of your budget and where you would like to go, we’ll be able to suggest itineraries and create a Quote Estimation.

We’ll also send further details about the tour destinations and optional activities.

“It is never too early. The earlier you reach out to us the more availability there will be, at the best value for money.” – Beverley, Travel Specialist

Step 2. Design Your Trip

Italy Students Group Pompeii

Do you want to visit waterfalls?  Do you want less travelling time? Are you hoping for more time to explore the city? No problem! We’ll work with you to create your quote to your group’s unique preferences.

We will give you an estimated price based on your enquiry. Then we’ll work together to refine the trip with our wide range of optional activities and exclusive accommodation and meal options.

“Did you know that the season you travel can make a big difference to your price? If you are open to different months to travel, you may be able to achieve better value for money.” – Sonia, Travel Specialist

Step 3. Launch With A Bang!

Iceland Students Group Snow

It’s time to announce your plans to students and their parents. This is the time to assess the interest in your trip and start collecting first deposits.

We have a range of launch tools that will help you demonstrate your vision. You’ll have access to our new Launch Pad with all the resources and advice you’ll need, including presentations, letter templates, advice on budgeting, kit lists and more.

“The size of your group will determine your final price – we recommend building in some contingency and a waitlist to make sure your price doesn’t fluctuate if the trip numbers change.” – Karen, Education Travel manager

Step 4. Confirm Your Booking

Italy Students Group Vesuvius

Now that your students are on board, we can start securing your bookings and start your countdown to travel.

“Save yourself chasing parents and ask for copies of student passports at the time you collect first deposits. By doing this you’ll not only know which students may need visas but also you’ll have emergency copies in case any passports are lost during your trip.” – Trudi, Travel Specialist

Step 5. Tailor Your Trip

Iceland Student Group Lava Cave

Your Travel Specialist will work with you to take care of the details of your trip. We will help with meal requests, room allocations and special requirements and more! We are here to ensure your group are well taken care of while they are away.

We’ll also send you through your travel documents, emergency information and anything else you need before it’s time to go.

And that’s it! It’s time for your adventure…

“One of the greatest rewards from our job is seeing the photos from your trips on social media, remember to tag us so we can share your fun!” – Nicola, Travel Specialist

Now that you’ve seen how easy it is to arrange your trip with us, why not start your process? Review our destinations on our website and get in touch with our team to discuss when you’d like to travel. We’ll tailor you a quote to your specifications and support you to launch the trip to your students.

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