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Step By Step Guide To Planning Your School Trip

Whether you are a seasoned pro or brand new to planning a school trip, the process can feel daunting. But it doesn’t have to be.

We have put together these 9 simple steps to ensure that it is a smooth and straightforward process for you, leaving you to get exciting about planning your next adventure.

9 Simple Steps To Plan Your Next School Trip

Step 1. Who, what, where, why

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By this point you will probably have an idea of the time of year, destination and age group you want to take on the trip.

Talk to your SLT/ EVC about your thoughts.

Step 2. Start a conversation with us

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Call or email our travel specialists with your thoughts. We will discuss different destinations to see what works best for your school.

Step 3. Initial quote

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A quote is sent to you based on your anticipated numbers and flight costs.

Step 4. Updated Quote

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After you receive your initial quote you can have a think and then come back to us with any initial thoughts and reflections. We will then amend your quote based on your feedback

Step 5. Provisional booking

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Next, a provisional booking form is completed. We will then hold the accommodations for you and your school is added to our flight waiting list. Flights are generally released around 12 months prior to departure.*

Please note: At this stage there is no financial obligation, meaning you can change numbers or cancel at any time.

*If at the time of booking flights are already available, both the accommodation and the flights will be held for you. You will be advised to confirm as soon as possible in this case, as after the flights are released, the earlier booking the better the price and availability. If this is the case you will have around 5 weeks before a deposit payment is due. Your Travel Specialist will advise.

Step 6. Launch!

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Now is the time to really get excited! As you launch the trip to your school we can support you through the whole thing. If possible, we can come to your school to give a presentation or, if you prefer, we have a selection of presentations for you to download and edit yourself. In addition, we can support you through providing any additional information you need and by giving your templates for sending letters home.

Step 7. Confirm interest

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This is the time to collect expressions of interest, sign ups and deposits from your students.

Step 8. Confirm interest

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Once the flights are we contact you for your final numbers. An invoice is raised for the deposits and final cost confirmed.

This cost will not change if your numbers and itinerary stays – unique no surcharge guarantee!

Step 9. Trip confirmation

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Finally, deposits are paid and the trip is officially confirmed. After an ATOL certificate is emailed to you, you will be supported by our experienced operations team, who will support you right until you all return safely from your trip.

If you would like to know more about the process of what happens after you plan your trip, check out the next steps.

What happens next?

So, you have launched your school trip to your school, final numbers are collected and the trip is now confirmed. But what happens next?

As your trip is fully bespoke, your travel specialist will be in touch throughout these steps to ensure you have everything sorted for your exciting adventure.

Check out these 6 simple steps to guide you through the next steps.

Speak to a specialist