Alex Lacey

Education Travel Specialist

A bit about me…

My career in travel started when I left college working as a travel advisor for a couple of different companies, this is when I found my love for travel and my want to explore so many new places. This is also when I started to build my bucket list of places to go, Bolivia and Slovenia being the very top. I love learning about new destinations and get excited to talk about them, which is one of the reasons I love working for DTW! I have also started learning Italian as my mum is from there.

What are some of your most memorable travel moments

Spending the night in a hammock on the beach in Koh Rong, we had a delicious barbeque and spent the evening in the sea with bioluminescent plankton all around us, it really was like something from a movie! The sunset I saw this night really was the most beautiful I have ever seen.

Another top memory is going to see Lake Bled, after being one of my top bucket list destinations for years, I couldn’t believe I was actually there, we spent the day walking around the lake and up to the castle for some great views, and then had some really lovely food!

The Plitvice Lakes national park in Croatia is my other top memory, I have never seen so many incredible views and waterfalls all in one place, and the water is so blue it’s hard to believe it is real. We spent the whole day climbing, hiking and just being in awe of the whole place!

What is your favourite way to spend time when travelling

I love to spend my time away exploring where, I absolutely love climbing up to some amazing views! I also love finding new and exciting places to eat when I’m abroad and trying new cuisines. I will also always try and find the best spots to watch the sunrise or sunset too, and every single one I see always blows my mind! I am also at my happiest when I am laying in the sun doing nothing but watching the world go by and listening to the sound of the sea.

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