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Glaciology Assessment Mats

Quality assessments are a critical resource to have to hand, but they can be time consuming to create, so we are pleased to be able to provide some more of our assessment mats for you. This time with a focus on glaciology. These assessment mats are primarily aimed at GCSE students, although they could also be beneficial for stretching your more able learners or as a foundation for students entering AS level studies.

These glaciology assessment mats have a range of different questions and there is a progression, in terms of types whether closed or open, simplistic or higher thinking command words. They are not tied to any specific exam board, but would be relevant for the Physical Geography paper of exam boards that include a focus on ice, climate change, glaciated landscapes and cold environments.

Questions are focused around three sub-themes (which can be downloaded individually as needed):

  • Glacial landscapes and features
  • Glacial processes
  • Glacial case study (based on the Icelandic Sólheimajökull case study)

The language of the questions is aimed at mid to high ability students, and assesses their knowledge both in terms of recall of factual information, interpretation of a source image, explanation of theory and application of knowledge. Questions include a variety of command words in order to give students a taste of the different forms of questions they may be faced with.


On the reverse side of the assessment mat is a set of example answers, modelled on what could be expected in a GCSE exam. There is also a QR code web link to further study, for more information about the use of key words, case study details and useful videos.

You could use these for online remote learning, homework, or in class for an assessment that might last approximately 25 minutes. Students could mark each other’s work using the example answers, or you could give them the model answers and ask them to identify why these answers would get marks and what makes them successful as an answer.


Download Assessment Mats Now:

  Glacial landscapes & features assessment mat

  Glacial processes assessment mat

  Glaciology case study assessment mat