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How To Launch Your School Trip

1. Generating A Buzz

We may be a little biased but we think that a school trip is the highlight of the school year! What better opportunity for students to get out of their comfort zone, explore the world and put their classroom learning into a whole new perspective.

In order to keep the costs down and ensure your trip runs, you will need to assess the interest from the student body. Your school may already have a process in place for announcing new trips but if not, here are a few ways to drum up interest:

  • Post about your trip on social media
  • Introduce the destination in the context of a lesson
  • Announce the trip in a school assembly
  • Send emails or letters to parents
  • Invite students and parents to an information evening
  • Present a customised presentation including photos
  • Ask a Discover the World Education representative to present to your students and teachers. This can be done virtually or in person, depending on restrictions and preference.

Top tip: Think about the financial situation for students and try to avoid promising them a trip if you aren’t sure if their parents will be able to move forward with the plan. If you are concerned, hold off with announcing to the students and send a letter home to parents first.

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2. Communicating With Parents and Carers

Once the word is out about your trip it is important to let the students’ parents and carers know about some key details including:

  • What is the selection process if they are interested e.g. first come first served or based on good behaviour.
  • Explain the duration and location of the trip.
  • What are the key sites and activities the trip will include – our customisable presentations will give you some useful ideas for this.

We have helped to make communication with parents even easier with our Parent Zone, available from the top bar of our website.

We advise explaining the dates are estimated and could vary by up to 3 days either side of the proposed dates. This will give you flexibility when finalising your trip details. We also encourage you to let them know the payment schedule, and what happens in the event they cancel their child’s place.

Prepare for questions from parents and carers. In our experience the most common questions are as follows:

  • Can you cater for various food requirements?
  • What are the rooming arrangements?
  • How many students to a room?
  • How much spending money will they need?
  • What kit is needed? Hiking boots etc?
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3. Setting Clear Timelines

It is important to set a clear timelines and method of payment for your trip attendees. Take a look at our parent letter advice for more information >


4. Share Your Stories

Start generating the buzz for next year’s trip by sharing your story and photos from your successful trip on your return. Check out our section on how to use social media on your trip >

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