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Essential School Trip to Sicily Italy

4 Days from £695pp

based on 36 students and 4 free teacher places, Feb-Mar 2025 excluding school holiday peak dates

Sicily has it all; beautiful beaches, vibrant towns and cities, great food, ancient history and stunning volcanic landscapes. The good news is that a school trip to Sicily is more affordable than you might think.

Your school trip could begin with a journey to the snowy summit of Mount Etna, Europe’s largest active volcano and later the same day you may find yourself soaking up the sunshine in the Greek ruins of Taormina.

If you're wondering what there is to experience on a whistle-stop tour of Sicily, take a look at our example itinerary below. You can also talk to our Travel Specialists who will help plan a trip that's bespoke to you.

What's included

  • Return flights
  • Hold luggage
  • 3 nights' accommodation
  • All meals
  • Professional guide on days 1 to 3
  • Activities as per itinerary e.g. Visit to Mount Etna by 4x4 and cable car, Southern Flank Hike, Alcantara Cliff gorge Walk, Taormina visit
  • Our Covid Assurance

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“Sicily was a fantastic destination for our Geography trip. We had an excellent time and thoroughly recommend this trip again. ”



Catania and the Cyclops Riviera

You’ll land in Catania, the second-largest city in Sicily, famous for its unique cuisine and proximity to Mount Etna.

Your group will hop aboard your coach and arrive at the sparkling blue waters of the Ionian Sea on the stretch of coastline known as the Cyclops Riviera.

This 12km stretch of coast is named after a legend of Greek mythology but also serves as an ideal case study for geography or science students interested in how the power of the sea has shaped the island.




Mount Etna Summit, Lava Caves and Museum

The highlight of any Sicily tour is to reach the summit of Mount Etna. Your students may need to wrap up warm for the ascent of the 3000m volcano (that is two and a half times the height of Mount Vesuvius!)

You’ll travel part way by cable car before boarding 4×4 vehicles to reach the peak of the mountain. As you walk around the crater rim you will be led by an experienced alpine guide, who will answer any of your questions.

After taking in the views you will see a different side of the volcano by delving into the spectacular lava caves formed by Etna’s eruptions, followed by a visit to the interactive Museo dell’Etna where you will learn more about how the volcano behaves.



Alcantara Gorge and Taormina

Thousands of years ago, following an eruption of Mount Etna, a lava flow met the cool waters of the Alcantara River. This lava cooled quickly forming the giant basalt column walls of the Alcantara Gorge.

The Alcantara Gorge is great for geologists and non-geologists alike. The rushing blue waters are great for water sports but there are also calm waters where locals cool off in summer

Back in Catania, your school trip group will walk in the footsteps of ancient Greeks in the ruins of Taormina. This old amphitheatre is also an excellent place to capture a unique view of Etna.




Your time in Sicily is over and it is time to say Ciao until next time.

Trip notes:

This tour price has been based on 36 Students + 4 Teachers (free places) taking place in Oct 23 excluding key school holiday peak travel dates.

There are so many free things to see and do in Sicily but if you decide to include something extra we have a wide range of activities which are designed for school groups.

Talk to our team about how your trip can be designed to fit your student’s needs.

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