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Coasts Assessment Mats

Quality assessments are a critical resource to have to hand, but they can be time consuming to create, so we are pleased to provide some more of our assessment mats for you. This time with a focus on coasts. These assessment mats are primarily aimed at GCSE level students, although they can also be beneficial for stretching your more able learners or as a foundation for students entering AS level studies.

These coasts assessments mats have a range of different questions, including open or closed questions. They are not tied to any specific exam board, but would be relevant for the Physical Geography paper of exam boards that include a focus on coasts and their environments.

Questions are focused around three sub-themes:

  • Coastal Case Study : Italy
  • Coastal Landscapes & Features
  • Coastal Processes

These can be used for remote learning, homework, or in a class assessment. Each mat should take around 25 minutes to complete.

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