Greener Growth Partnership

As part of our mission to deliver responsible school trips and support our community of schools, we’ve partnered with Greener Growth so that you can plant heritage trees in UK woodlands to compensate the emissions from your trip.

Like us, Greener Growth sees the benefits of outdoor learning and works with schools to help enhance their green areas, create wild spaces and build awareness for the outdoor classroom.

Our partnership has a simple aim; to inspire, educate and empower the next generation to build a sustainable future.

We achieve this by:

  • Educating students on the importance of growing native, heritage trees, fruit and vegetables to enhance environments and improve bio-diversity
  • Providing your school with an opportunity to compensate your travel emissions through meaningful and impactful regenerative projects
  • Giving you the opportunity to take part in planting or garden projects in your school or local community
  • Raising awareness about how to travel responsibly and see travel as a force for good
  • Increasing your knowledge of the benefits and limitations of various carbon-compensating initiatives
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A responsible approach to carbon compensating

Not all carbon compensating schemes are created equal.

Environmental activists warn that some trees planted in the name of carbon compensating don’t live a full life and are not native to the area where they’re growing.

Despite positive intentions, this can mean some companies are actually causing a negative impact through their scheme.

With this in mind, when choosing our partnership, we wanted something that we knew would have a lasting impact on our emissions and support our school community. Enter Greener Growth!

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Option 1: Plant trees in one of our dedicated woodlands

The simplest and most cost effective solution, is to purchase trees to be allocated to one of our dedicated woodlands.

Picture of a deciduous woodland with the sun peaking through the trees
Option 2: Plant trees in your own school

This allows you to plant your trees in your school grounds, or at a location of your choice. Whilst this option comes at additional cost, you’ll work with an expert Greener Growth consultant to tailor and design the project to your needs. To find out more, email

Why We Work with Greener Growth

We chose to work with Greener Growth to compensate for our company’s unavoidable emissions because they support our ever-growing mission to make Discover the World Education an environmentally responsible travel provider. 

We work with selected schools to plant a minimum of 1,000 heritage trees on their grounds or local community.

Greener Growth not only helps compensate our corporate emissions but schools can also opt-in to offset the carbon from their trip.

You can also compensate the emissions from your school trip.

Image of two children planting a tree in soil

Discover the benefits of growing a heritage woodland or garden in your school and how we can help.