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Home Destinations Nordic Europe Iceland Into the Glacier – Ice Cave in Langjokull

Into the Glacier – Ice Cave in Langjokull

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5 hours | Year round


Into the Glacier

The Langjokull ice cave is a unique and magical glacier experience and is one of Iceland’s most innovative attractions. This exciting excursion can be incorporated into many of our Iceland holidays such as our popular 7-night self-drive, Journey to the Centre of the Earth.

Travel onto the ice cap by 8WD truck to reach the entrance to the ice cave inside Europe’s second largest glacier. Inside the Langjokull ice cave you can view ice which has taken hundreds of years to develop. As you walk further along the tunnel, the ice gets older and the colour changes from white to deep-blue.

The cave stretches 200-300 metres into solid glacier ice at about 30 metres below the surface making it the largest man made ice structure in the world. Enjoy a thrilling 45-minutes guided exploration of the cave deep within the glacier.


  • Witness the blue ice at the heart of a glacier
  • Experience the glacial environment of an icecap
  • Ride in a 8-wheel drive glacier truck
  • Combine the excursion with other sights and attractions

Crampons are provided.

About Langjokull Glacier

Langjokull means ‘Long Glacier’ and is about 50 km long and 15-20 km wide. The volume of the glacier is 195 km3 and the ice can be around 580 m thick. Very little water runs from Langjokull glacier on the surface, however, by sub-surface streams, Langjokull supplies Thingvallavatn, the largest natural lake in Iceland, lakes to the North, geothermal areas to the West, as well as the Geysir area. The Geysir geothermal area lies near the southern end of the lengthy fissure system extending from Langjokull central volcano.

About the Ice Cave

Walk into the Ice Cave entrance and through the ice tunnel that leads you approximately 200-300 metres into the glacier, towards the stunning blue ice that lies at the heart, and towards the natural ice cave. Walk to the middle of the crevasse on a specially constructed bridge and marvel at this natural wonder.
Also inside you will explore many nooks and chambers containing interesting information and research about the glacier, exhibitions and even a small chapel for those who would like to get married in the ice cave!


Langjokull is in the mid-west highlands, not too far from Reykjavik and close to many of Iceland’s main attractions, including the Golden Circle which comprises of Geysir, Thingvellir national park and the impressive Gullfoss waterfall. It can be incorporated into many of our itineraries, so please ask our team when making an enquiry.


Transfers are available from Reykjavik, or alternatively for those with their own vehicle at the meeting point; Husafell

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Personalised adventures. Trusted expertise.