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Adventures for Solo Travellers

There’s nothing niche or new about travelling alone. For years, independent adventurers have known that going solo is one of the best ways to meet new people and engage with the places you visit. You get to determine how you spend your time stopping when and where it suits. Of course, travelling solo does not have to mean travelling alone. Small group tours are an ideal option for solo travellers offering the comfort of pre-arranged logistics and a social environment for meeting like-minded people.

Whether on a specifically tailored solo traveller holiday, a small-ship voyage or independent rail journey, we’ve rounded up a collection of incredible holidays that’ll have you reaching for your passport.

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Join a small group tour in Iceland

Our flagship Iceland small group holiday, Northern Lights Special, has always generated a diverse group structure appealing to couples, friends, mothers daughters and solo travellers. New for February 2025, we’re offering a dedicated Solo Travellers departure. Led by an expert guide, take in the natural wonders of south-west Iceland by day and keep watch for the aurora borealis each evening above the wide-open skies of your countryside hotel, Ranga. Superb dining and spacious outdoor hot tubs offer perfect spaces to socialise with fellow travellers.

hotel ranga outdoor hot tub winter rth

Group Touring in New Zealand

If you’d prefer a long-haul adventure, head to New Zealand on a fully-guided tour dedicated to solo travellers. South Island Solo Travellers Tour is new to Discover the World and features the Southern Alps, the glaciers of the West Coast, thrilling Queenstown and magical Fiordland. Choose a twin room option or upgrade to a single room. You’ll also have a choice of two touring levels – Signature and Ultimate – both optimised to provide a comprehensive experience of NZ’s South Island.

Aoraki Mt Cook National Park

Epic Wildlife Adventures for Solo Travellers

Coming face-to-face with the world’s largest land predator is a humbling, and uncommon experience. Yet, seeing a polar bear in the wild is a primary goal of two of our recommendations for travelling solo. Our Classic Polar Bear Adventure in Canada offers the ultimate polar bear experience on the frozen tundra outside Churchill, Manitoba. A women only departure joins the schedule in November 2024.

For those wanting more diverse wildlife sightings, small-ship Polar voyaging has always been a mainstay for solo travellers. Polar bears are the main lure for Arctic sailings, while penguins provide the magic in Antarctica. Dedicated single cabins are available on the Ocean Endeavour and the Heritage Adventurer or look out for ‘no single supplement’ offers.

canada manitoba churchill polar bear on tundra adstk

Solo Traveller Holidays in Norway

Exploring Norway’s natural beauty is another great option. Take the leisurely approach cruise the magnificent coastline making the most of Havila’s 50% discount for solo travellers if you can travel within 100 days of booking. If you’d prefer something more active, our Norwegian Fjords Hiking Challenge lets you explore on foot in like-minded company. Visit three of the most iconic locations in the fjords – Trolltunga, The Pulpit Rock and Kjerag, plus uncover a few hidden gems. Choose to twin-share or upgrade to a single room. You might also consider group hiking tours in Iceland. With accommodation largely in mountain huts, sharing is the name of the game for all travellers.

fjord norway woman sitting on edge of trolltunga istk

Small-ship Expedition Cruising for Solo Travellers

Immersing yourself in the beautiful, untouched scenery of Antarctica and the Arctic is a privilege and pleasure that will stay with your forever. Glaciers, icebergs, mountains, fjords and abundant wildlife are the reward for intrepid travellers that join a Polar voyage.

Small-ship expedition cruising is designed to provide this immersive experience with minimal impact on the surrounding environment. Safety is at the forefront and a combination of your knowledgable expedition team, the experienced crew, plus the comfort and convenience of your floating home offer an ideal space for solo travellers. Opt for single occupancy or share with another solo traveller. Whether you board as a party of one or four, expedition cruising is a shared experience.

For something truly unique, join a special Solar Eclipse Voyage in summer 2026 cruising from Svalbard to East Greenland.

antarctic peninsula watching orca spyhopping from zodiac qe

Solo Holidays by Rail

Solo trips need not always be with others. Independently inclined individuals may prefer to explore alone. Enjoying your own company and chatting to locals. Find time for quiet contemplation or people watch to your heart’s content. Train travel is a good way to get from A-B, B-C and so on. Plus it’s a more economical option than self-driving alone. Take a look at our collection of rail journeys in Continental Europe and Scandinavia for ideas for travelling solo.

sweden kiruna to narvik train passing lapporten rth

Travelling Solo on a Self Drive

Don’t dismiss a self-drive as a viable choice for travelling solo. Yes, there’s a cost element – nobody to share the petrol with – but there’s also a freedom to please yourself, stopping wherever and whenever you choose, choosing what tracks you’ll listen to and not having to share your favourite snacks.

And with Google maps so readily available, the role of the map reader is almost redundant. Without someone to share the driving it makes sense keep travel distances reasonable but there are some stunning places for solo travellers ideal for driving. Such as Iceland’s south coast or Canada’s smaller Maritimes provinces like Nova Scotia.

Cape Breton Highlands and the Cabot Trail