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Ideal for wildlife photographers is a bear watching break in Finland, right in the thick of prime brown bear territory. Staying in specially designed hides, you stand an excellent chance of photographing not only bears but other wildlife such as wolverine, lynx, capercaillie and goshawk.

In Canada, visit some of the most breathtaking locations in the Canadian Rockies whilst developing your skills behind the lens or head up to Churchill on a polar bear adventure offering unique opportunities to capture the world’s largest land predator on ‘film’.

Head to Lapland in search of the northern lights perhaps visiting Abisko National Park in Sweden or Tromso in Northern Norway and aim to capture these ethereal lights on camera against a backdrop of mountain landscapes.

Or join a special Antarctica voyage as a rare total solar eclipse is expected to occur over one of the most remote places on earth.

Top Tips for Travel Photography

“Remember, it’s not about having the latest equipment – it’s about the joy of taking photographs and concentrating on mastering the kit that you have.” – Ragnar TH Sigurdsson

  • Never compromise a fragile habitat in pursuit of the perfect shot
  • Always ask permission before photographing people
  • Use a companion to add scale and drama to a shot
  • Check behind you before stepping back for that extra wide view
  • Make sure your photographic gear is insured
  • Try fast and slow shutter speeds to capture movement
  • Light is the key! Be bold and experiment
  • Try different viewpoints to emphasise drama
  • Do your homework and plan shots that tell a story
  • Don’t let a speck of water or dust stop you taking pictures