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Winter Break Holidays

Imagine some of the world’s brightest, most spellbinding displays of the northern lights pulse through a star-spangled Arctic sky. Or feeling the exuberant tug of huskies as you mush across a frozen lake… Imagine the thrill of watching orcas glide through Arctic seas, or a waterfall thundering against cliffs of ice. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to spend a night in the Icehotel? Or a log cabin snuggled in the snow-shrouded forests of the far north?

Our collection of winter holidays showcase the quintessential experiences that capture the magic of winter. They are designed to maximise your chances of witnessing the northern lights, but success should always be viewed as a bonus. This natural phenomenon is notoriously fickle – but much of the pleasure comes from the chase.

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Popular Winter Holidays

Our holidays offer plenty of scope to enjoy a range of winter activities from husky sledding and snowmobiling to superjeep tours and sauna sessions. Also vying for attention are spectacular natural wonders like Iceland’s frozen waterfalls, Finland’s snow-cloaked taiga forest and the cetacean rich sea of the coast of Norway. Add in sumptuous cuisine and local culture as well as extraordinary places to stay in Sweden including the iconic and original Icehotel and also the enchanting Treehotel, and you have the ultimate collection for winter.

Perhaps your definition of a winter break is an escape from winter. In which case, the long days of the austral summer provide the ideal antidote to the northern chill. Epic wildlife encounters in Antarctica, self-drive discoveries in New Zealand, or tropical adventures in Australia are just a few of the options available.

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Wednesday, 29th June 2016

Will Gray

The Best Hotels to See the Northern Lights in the World

From waking up in a suspended glass cube – high in the treetops, to falling asleep under an aurora display inside a cosy glass igloo, there's nothing more relaxing than spending a night amongst truly spectacular surrounds.
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5 Practical Tips for Travelling to Iceland in the Winter

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This hotel made of ice should be on everyone’s bucket list

The original and iconic ICEHOTEL is back this year to celebrate its 30th anniversary, with bigger and better designs than ever before. The impressive structure has been erected year after year since 1989, offering guests a unique location to spend the night in.
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Tuesday, 28th May 2019

Destination Specialist

Winter Break posts

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More Than Just a Place to Sleep. What To Do at the ICEHOTEL in 2021

With so much on offer at this extraordinary location, it can be overwhelming when you’re trying to plan your perfect itinerary. To help we have asked our staff to select their favourite experiences at the ICEHOTEL, providing exclusive insights into all the excursions available.
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Friday, 17th April 2020

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Why you should go dog sledding in East Greenland

Dog sledding in Greenland is the most traditional way of transportation in the winter. Besides being a great method of transportation, it’s also a lot of fun. We ask our Greenland Travel Specialist, Aggie, to share her exhilarating experience of husky sledding through the unspoiled landscape of Kulusuk, East Greenland.
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Tuesday, 5th January 2016

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