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The magic of winter

Popular Winter Holidays

Aurora hunting is one of the biggest draws for visiting the Nordic region in winter, but there’s so much more to a true Arctic experience. Our holidays offer plenty of scope to enjoy a range of winter activities. Husky sledding and snowmobiling leap to mind, but you could also try your hand at cross-country skiing, ice sculpting or reindeer sledding.

There’s also plenty of opportunity for relaxation. Perhaps take a long soak in a naturally-heated hot tub or learn how to sauna like a local.

Photographers can revel in some of Europe’s most beautiful landscapes and beguiling light, while self drive enthusiasts can explore Iceland’s geothermal hotspots or join an exciting 4WD safari in the volcanic interior. In Sweden you can ride a hovercraft across the frozen Gulf of Bothnia, while in Norway, whale watching and king crab fishing feature.

Also vying for attention are spectacular natural wonders like Iceland’s frozen waterfalls, Finland’s snow-cloaked taiga forest and the cetacean rich sea of the coast of Norway. Add in sumptuous cuisine and local culture as well as extraordinary places to stay in Sweden including the iconic and original Icehotel and also the enchanting Treehotel, and you have the ultimate collection for winter.

Perhaps your definition of a winter break is an escape from winter. In which case, the long days of the austral summer provide the ideal antidote to the northern chill. Epic wildlife encounters in Antarctica, self-drive discoveries in New Zealand, or tropical adventures in Australia are just a few of the options available.

Our expert team can advise the best place to go for your preferred experiences.

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