Chile Trip Types and Experiences

Our extension packages in Chile can be tailor-made to suit your interests, time-frame and budget.

Chile Holidays

With its unusual elongated shape, vast stretch of coastline, a multitude of mountains, iconic wildlife and a whopping 36 national parks, Chile is a destination which offers contrast and variety in abundance. From the dry desert landscapes of the Atacama in the north to the ice-filled fjords of Patagonia in the south, this is a country full of environmental extremes, unique experiences, laid back lifestyles and complex cultural history. The people pride themselves on their hospitality, the infrastructure – for the most part – is modern and efficient, the scenery will take your breath away and the world-class wining and dining will help ensure that the fun doesn’t stop when the sun goes down.

The highlights of Chile provide a fascinating addition to any Antarctic holiday, and our suggested extension packages can easily be tailored to meet your requirements.

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Chile Trip Types and Experiences

Our extension packages in Chile can be tailor-made to suit your interests, time-frame and budget.

About Chile

Chile’s distinctive and pristine environments offer incredible diversity. In one trip you can visit the world’s driest (non-polar) desert, gaze at the majesty of the galaxy from one of several scientific observatories, bathe in volcanic geothermal waters, relax on a sun drenched beach, sample some of South America’s best wine, sail through iceberg dotted fjords, trek among imposing granite peaks, marvel at wildlife from pumas to penguins and even tag on a flight to Easter Island – a magnificent remote isle, sprinkled with huge stone sculptures known as Moai, which stand as peculiar clues to a mysterious past.

Chile has in recent years emerged as one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in Latin America. An expanding network of internal and international flights is making getting into and around Chile easier than ever before. Speak to our experts about how to extend your stay in this magnificent country before or after your Antarctic voyage.

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Accommodation in Chile

The spectrum of accommodation options available in Chile stretches almost as far as the country itself. The diverse range includes 5 star luxury lodges, simple sustainable eco-domes and everything in between. While every taste and budget can usually be catered for in the major tourist hotspots, the general trend elsewhere tends towards quirky, homely hotels or guesthouses with high levels of customer service and hospitality. Contact our Travel Specialists to learn more.