Grizzly bear and cubs
Grizzly bears © Prasit Chansareekorn

Wildlife Holidays

We’ve been perfecting our selection of wildlife holidays for over 35 years. With a choice of independent tours, self drives, small group guided tours, short breaks and adventure cruises the natural world plays an important role in many of our holidays.

From the rugged beauty of Iceland and New Zealand, where the natural scenery is complemented by wonderful birding and whale watching opportunities to the wildlife rich polar regions, the iconic marsupials of Australia to the bears of Canada and Alaska. Our small ship cruise holidays to Costa Rica, Baja California and Indonesia add to the diversity of our fauna. Our dedicated wildlife itineraries can be fully tailor made to ensure you get the best experience possible.

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Recommended Wildlife Holidays


Our collection of bear watching holidays features Canada, Alaska, Finland and Spitsbergen and includes possible sightings of polar bear, grizzly, brown bear, and the ethereal sounding ‘spirit’ bear, found only in British Columbia.

Polar wildlife

Natural wonders form an intrinsic part of the polar environment and small-ship cruises to this part of the world offer some truly unsurpassed wildlife encounters. Several species of penguin, seals, whales and sea birds provide the entertainment in Antarctica while in the far north whales and vast numbers of birds share the limelight with walrus, musk oxen and of course, the icon of the Arctic, the polar bear.


Whale watching has always played an important role in our collection of holidays both for the independent traveller and those joining a group trip. In fact we were the first UK travel company to organise whale watching trips in Iceland! Our whale watching holiday collection also includes New Zealand, Canada, Alaska and the Polar regions.

Africa’s Big Five

The wildlife opportunities within Namibia and Southern Africa are quite simply extraordinary. From the ‘big five’ and almost half the world’s population of black rhino to around 40% of the world’s cheetahs, Namibia’s wild things are the primary focus for most visitors. Covering an area larger than Wales, Etosha National Park is the wildlife jewel, its waterholes attracting huge numbers of giraffes, elephants and zebras ideal for unforgettable encounters. To the west, the rugged beauty of Damaraland is one of the best places to see rare back rhino and desert adapted wildlife.

With its vast unspoilt wilderness, Botswana offers outstanding game viewing amdist stunning scenery with Chobe National Park home to the highest concentration of elephants in Africa.

Kangaroos, koalas & more

Kangaroo Island, off the coast of South Australia is earning itself a reputation as the ‘Galapagos of Australia’. With kangaroos, koalas, wallabies, possums, echidnas, goannas, platypus, penguins, sea-lions and fur seals all to be found in this habitat the comparison is clear. Whilst in New Zealand, the native species are often small, the iconic kiwi being the prime example, but no less endearing.

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