Popular Bear Watching Holidays

The Bear Necessities

Canada & Alaska: Wilderness Lodges

Our collection of bear watching lodges in Canada and Alaska focus on getting guests close to high concentrations of bears. Here in the heart of the wilderness against a backdrop of striking landscapes you can immerse yourself in the bears natural habitat and observe from a safe vantage point.

Polar Rovers in Churchill

Purpose built for watching polar bears on the tundra around Canada’s Hudson Bay in Manitoba, Polar Rovers combine comfort and space with practicality to ensure the best possible encounters with these magnificent mammals. Giant tyres and a raised open-air viewing platform allows you to come within inches of this powerful predator safely.

Taiga in Finland

Deep in the taiga forest of Finland, on the shores of Lake Lammasjarvi is the ideal base for observing brown bears from special hides. Rarely seen during the day, an overnight stay in a hide is the perfect opportunity to keep vigil for the elusive brown bear under the extended daylight hours of Finland’s summer.

Expedition Cruises

Whether exploring the wildlife-rich waters of the Svalbard archipelago, the islands of the Canadian Arctic or sailing the islands of Haida Gwaii in Canada our wildlife cruise holidays tend to offer a more diverse natural world experience covering a larger area. Bears share the limelight with whales, seals as well as other marine and birdlife.