Greenland Holidays

Dominated by the world’s second largest icecap, Greenland only has a narrow coastal fringe of rugged mountains and green valleys which remain ice free and where a small, resilient community live. 90% of the population live in scattered settlements along the west coast, which includes the capital Nuuk and Disko Bay, renowned for its monumental icebergs. In contrast, East Greenland is virtually uninhabited outside the Ammassalik area. This remote region has breathtaking scenery, ice-flecked fjords and dragonback peaks. Isolated and authentic, South Greenland is not only home to majestic fjords and mighty glaciers, but also rich history and culture.

From May to September coastal fringes shrug off their winter coats and turn green. This is the perfect time to hike the fjords, explore Viking ruins, spot 60 species of breeding birds and admire iceberg-filled bays, a rich feeding ground for whales. Our collection of holidays to Greenland are designed to give a real taste of this epic country and include adventure cruises and land-based holidays.

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Greenland Trip Types and Experiences

We offer a range of holidays in Greenland, many of which can be tailor-made to suit your interests, time-frame and budget. Whether you prefer small-group tours or independent exploration, cruise holidays or hiking adventures.

Planning a trip to Greenland

During the fleeting summer, the pack ice breaks up and giant icebergs drift through the fjords. Migratory birds arrive to breed, animals raise their young and hardy Arctic flora bloom. Summer also brings 24-hour daylight and the beautiful midnight sun.

Our flexible Greenland trips give you a range of ways to explore this great untouched wilderness. Discover the rugged coastline and tranquil Arctic beauty on a voyage. Follow hiking trails along rivers and scale ridges to reach viewpoints across the great Greenland icecap on a walking holiday. Travel through the frozen wilderness on a husky sledge or experience the magnificent scenery on a choice of daily excursions on an independent break. Summer activities include boat trips, 4WD tours and scenic flights.

Don’t forget that Iceland and Greenland are separated by a mere two-hour flight; you could plan a Greenland adventure with a stopover in Reykjavik or hatch a masterplan to combine the two.

Things To Do in Greenland

Around many of Greenland’s towns, there are well-trodden hiking routes of varying difficulty, ideal for the independent traveller and can be completed within two or three hours depending on your pace and how often you stop to admire the views. In most areas of the country, you do not need to walk far to reach wide open spaces and experience total silence. Guided hikes offer a more immersive and challenging experience, such as our Hiking in East Greenland trip.

Alternatively, a guided boat, 4WD or helicopter excursion takes you through the stunning glacial landscape and provide the opportunity to learn about the flora and fauna, as well as local history and geology.

Husky sledding provides the chance to sample a traditional slice of Greenlandic life.