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Volcanoes in Iceland

Straddling the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, Iceland is a hotspot for volcanic activity. In fact, volcanoes are such a big part of Iceland’s unique appeal that we operate a Volcano Hotline, notifying you of potential trips to visit live eruptions at short notice.

With current travel restrictions in place, it is not yet possible to arrange trips to view the current eruption in Iceland that started on 19 March 2021, but this may change over the summer.

Sign up by contacting one of our Travel Specialists or emailing us at As long as the authorities have declared that the eruption site is safe to visit, it is often possible to arrange trips to view the action up-close, sometimes via helicopter flights and superjeep expeditions depending on the location.

Visit anytime and you’ll discover that Iceland’s volcanic scenery is surprisingly subtle and beautiful. The juxtaposition of ice and fire adds a surreal touch – whether you’re walking on a lava-sand beach littered with icebergs or hiking across a glacier striated with thin bands of ash from past eruptions.

Volcanoes in New Zealand

New Zealand is another of our favourite destinations for volcanoes. We offer a wide range of self-drive and escorted holidays in the country, many of which visit Tongariro National Park.

Dominated by three active volcanoes – Ruapehu, Ngauruhoe and Tongariro – this is New Zealand’s main volcanic area. With just a day to spare, you can hike the 19km Tongariro Alpine Crossing, famed for its crater lakes, ancient lava flows and stunning views.

Another North Island hotspot, Whakaari – or White Island – lies 48km offshore in the Bay of Plenty. New Zealand’s most active volcano, the 2km-wide island is just the tip of a giant submarine cone rising from a depth of 1,600m.

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