Canada Trip Types and Experiences

We offer all types of holidays in Canada, which can be tailor-made to suit your interests, time-frame and budget. Whether you prefer leisurely self-drives or rail travel, wildlife and hiking adventures or winter breaks in search of the northern lights.

Canada Holidays

A vast and spectacular country, Canada has a truly staggering variety of landscapes and natural attractions. From the alpine scenery of the west coast and the breathtaking Canadian Rockies to the prairies and great lakes of the central provinces and the rugged, weather-beaten Atlantic coast, Canada has everything you could imagine and a lot more besides.

Our holidays to Canada are carefully designed, combining adventure with comfort and taking in a variety of highlights. From self drives and escorted tours to wildlife holidays and rail journeys our collection of Canada holidays offers something for everyone. Our accredited Canada Specialists will be happy to advise and make suggestions based on their knowledge and first-hand experience.

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More Canada Trip Types and Experiences

We offer all types of holidays in Canada, which can be tailor-made to suit your interests, time-frame and budget. Whether you prefer leisurely self-drives or rail travel, wildlife and hiking adventures or winter breaks in search of the northern lights.

Planning a trip to Canada

Canada is a year round destination – offering a different experience every season. Our wide range of trips to Canada means you can choose the type of holiday that suits you. For those who enjoy the freedom of a self-drive holiday, this is one of the most popular ways to explore. Travel at your own pace, stopping and exploring wherever and whenever you like. There are scenic routes across the country from Nova Scotia’s beautiful Cabot Trail to the spectacular Icefields Parkway in Alberta, or cross the Arctic Circle on the Dempster Highway.

Alternatively, let someone else do the driving on an escorted holiday while you sit back and take in the views. Enjoy the expertise and enthusiasm of your guide who will ensure you experience the very best of Canada together with other like-minded travellers. Our collection of escorted tours includes wildlife holidays, walking trips and northern lights adventures. Another great option is an independent holiday. Often travelling on a range of transport such as ferry, rail or boat, with logistics taken care of you can plan your own activities and excursions.

Where to go in Canada


Neighbouring British Columbia, Alberta’s western boundary runs through the spectacular Rocky Mountains. With some of the most stunning alpine landscapes within the country, this diverse province also boasts sweeping prairies, rolling farmland, lush forests and beautiful lakes.

British Columbia

From the rugged Pacific coastline to soaring mountain peaks, via rainforests, lakes and vineyards; British Columbia’s scenic splendour provides the perfect backdrop for a Canadian adventure.


Located in central Canada, along with Saskatchewan, Manitoba's landscapes are diverse - from the prairie grasslands in the south and west to the east's countless lakes and forests, with a wild north stretching into sub-Arctic tundra.

The Maritimes

Coastal charm exudes from the provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island that comprise the Maritimes in eastern Canada. Picture perfect villages, a wealth of nautical history, rugged coastal scenery and rolling landscapes make this a very popular region for visitors.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Newfoundland and Labrador make up Canada’s most easterly province, best known for its rugged landscapes, icebergs and abundant marine wildlife. The region also boasts a colourful past influenced by marauding Vikings, indigenous Beothuck Indians, Basque whalers and a strong dose of Irish settlers.


Canada’s second largest province is over one million square miles stretching from the Great Lakes to the frozen shores of Hudson Bay. Much of the north is relatively inaccessible and sparsely populated, in contrast to the south with its fertile lands, home to Toronto and the famous Niagara Falls.


French-speaking Québec is a vast province renowned for its thriving culture, cuisine and entertainment. Venture into thick forests for the chance to see black bears and moose, while the mighty St Lawrence River offers exceptional whale watching.

Yukon and the Northwest Territories

The Yukon and the Northwest Territories form Canada's wild frontier, with rugged landscapes, immense wilderness and a colourful history of Inuits, traders and gold prospectors.

Whales & Bears in Canada

With such diversity Canada encourages a repeat visit – rather than trying to see everything in one holiday, we recommend focusing on one or two provinces at a time, and exploring them at a leisurely pace. The mountains and wildlife of BC and Alberta are popular for first time visitors, whilst Ontario and Québec provide an equally beautiful but very different landscape of forests and lakes. Head off the beaten track to the wild Yukon or experience the quirky charm of the Atlantic provinces.

Canada wildlife holidays are hugely popular, with arguably bears and whales being the biggest draw. From the mighty polar bear in Churchill, Manitoba to British Columbia’s rare Kermode bear, Canada’s bears are a sight to behold. Look out for black bears roaming the forests or take in the spectacular sight of grizzlies fishing for salmon. Offshore marvel at the world’s largest population of humpbacks congregating along the Newfoundland coast, spot minkes in the St Lawrence River or kayak with orcas around the islands of British Columbia.