Discover the heart and soul of Arctic Sweden and Norway’s Senja Island through the lives of locals, visiting in late summer and autumn when the colours of Arctic Europe are at their most vibrant.

You’ll return home feeling enriched by the experience – inspired by the people you’ve met and the things you’ve learned. You will discover the essence of a happy and fulfilled Nordic lifestyle – and you may well find that your wellbeing is improved as a result and your approach to life is positively altered.

At cosy lakeside Sörbyn Lodge, forest bathing, northern lights watching and a traditional wood-fired sauna introduce you to local Nordic lifestyle. Highlights also include delicious meals with ingredients sourced from lake and forest, a wood and leather handicraft workshop and a husky walk with local mushers, Sanne and Erik, stopping for traditional coffee fika over an open fire.

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Head through the wildwoods of northern Sweden, crossing the Arctic Circle to reach the Sami village of Jokkmokk. Culinary guide and forager, Eva Gunnare will take you on a fascinating ‘flavour tour’ through her herbal garden, while Linn Huuva from Jokkmokk’s Arctic Deli will show you how to make traditional bread before treating you to a tasting menu based on the eight seasons of the Sami.

Spend a night at Sapmi Nature Camp (pictured) nestled in pristine forest where Lennart Pittja will provide unforgettable insights into the life of a Sami reindeer herder. Following an evening sauna and a swim in the river, it’s the perfect spot for northern lights watching.

Spend a day at an organic farm where you’ll learn from owners Britta-Karin and Thomas what life as farmers in the Arctic is like.

Some of the people you could meet

Below are just a handful of characters you could meet. Read more about the individuals at the heart of these holidays…

sweden local guide eva gunnare

Eva Gunnare

Jokkmokk, Sweden

Eva is a culture and culinary guide, a forager and a botanist. Her passion is wild and edible plants, how to preserve them and their value in nutrition and wellbeing.

sweden local guide lennart pittja

Lennart Pittja

Sapmi Nature Camp, Sweden

Lennart grew up in a reindeer-herding family in the local Unna Tjerusj Sami community in the mountains and meadows of Laponia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

sweden jokkmokk local linn huuva

Linn Huuva

Jokkmokk, Sweden

Linn and her team of culinary artisans are behind the innovative Arctic Deli where guests can join workshops specialising in Arctic food craft.

norway local guide hege enge dekkerhus

Hege Enge Dekkerhus

Senja, Norway

Hege is an activity and wilderness guide who spends much of her time hiking, exploring nature and kayaking. Nature is her medicine, motivation and meditation.

norway local guides sissel and wenche hole

Sissel and Wenche Hole

Tranoya, Norway

Sisters Sissel and Wenche wanted to change their hectic lifestyles, getting away from computers and social media to return to their roots in the countryside.

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