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Tranoya, Senja


Just a short boat ride to reach this stunning island and the tranquil nature that surrounds it.

This idyllic old vicarage farm has basic, but comfortable accommodation. There are rooms with and without private facilities.

This family run retreat serves mouth watering meals prepared from local ingredients, some from the island itself. In the afternoon relax with a hot drink and tasty Norwegian waffles.

Although the island is small, just 1.18 km², there is plenty to do; visit the historic wooden church, the Viking-age graves and boathouse remains, or take a hike around the island, go paddle boarding or kayaking (requires previous experience), try your luck with fishing or just relax in a hammock with a good book.

Senja has many hidden gems and the island of Tranøy is certainly one of the best.

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Personalised adventures. Trusted expertise.