Discover the World Adopts a Koala

Friday, 10th January 2020

Emma Mitra

australia victoria koala in tree as

In January 2020 Discover the World adopted a koala through WWF Australia, in order to support the conservation of Australia’s unique indigenous wildlife.

The well-documented bushfires that have swept across Australia during the summer of 2019/20 have sadly taken the lives of millions of native animals, including koalas, as well as destroying vast swathes of their natural habitat.

Fortunately the Australian bush is designed by nature to regenerate, and within weeks of burning new growth can already be seen. Charitable donations are ensuring rescued wildlife is being rehabilitated with a view to release back into the wild, whilst longer term projects such as WWF’s ‘Towards Two Billion Trees’ are working towards the restoration and protection of Australia’s forests, to ensure a home for generations of koalas and other wildlife to come.

The worldwide support and generosity for this devastating crisis has been truly amazing, allowing specialist teams to help thousands of animals (and people) in Australia.

Here, are Discover the World we have offered submitted our own donation to the World Wildlife Foundation which allows you to virtually adopt a koala. WWF Australia relies on support to carry out their essential conservation projects. If you would like to support WWF yourself, either by donating or by adopting an animal, click here.

Our symbolic adoption of a koala through WWF supports their essential conservation work, both in the short term by assisting the rescue and treatment of injured animals, and longer term through the reestablishment of natural habitat.

australia wildlife koala istk

For any of our clients looking to donate specifically to wildlife organisations, we have listed further ways you can support:


WIRES, which stands for the Wildlife Information Rescue and Education Service, is a non-profit NSW-based organisation that trains a network of volunteer wildlife carers and rescuers that provide care for native animals in distress.

Port Macquarie Koala Hospital

The Koala Hospital is based in NSW’s Port Macquarie, where more than 30 koalas have been brought to the hospital and examined for burns which are then treated and bandaged.


RSPCA NSW is operating in evacuation centres and regions affected by the bushfires.

You can donate online to RSPCA NSW through their Bushfire Appeal webpage.

Zoos Victoria

Zoos Victoria is also helping out with the displaced wildlife during this bushfire crisis and has established a Bushfire Emergency Wildlife Fund 2020.

World Animal Protection

The World Animal Protection organisation has been working with government as well as domestic and international companies for the high standards of welfare for animals in their care and to put it on the global agenda. They also save animals’ lives, and have launched an International Australian Bushfire Recovery Appeal.

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