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Holiday Inspiration 2024

Holiday Inspiration 2024

  • Iceland
    A country that has to be seen to be believed
  • Finland
    Log cabins, saunas and snow-covered fells
  • Norway
    Summer self-drives and coastal cruising
  • Canada & Alaska
    Big adventures amidst epic landscapes
  • Australia & New Zealand
    Trips of a lifetime
  • Polar Voyages
    Wildlife, icebergs and inspiring history
  • Rail Journeys
    Go slow and savour

What's Inside

Featuring 60 of our favourite trips, use our little of book inspiration to ponder, plan, and get excited about your next big adventure.  Think of it as a tasting menu. Small, but delectable morsels showcasing a wealth of experiences in Iceland, Scandinavia, Canada, Alaska, New Zealand, Australia, the polar regions and beyond.

Featuring lots of bright ideas on destinations that we’re genuinely passionate about and have first-hand, in-depth knowledge on, check out our suggested itineraries on each destination. Discover the best places to go, our favourite tried-and-tested hotels, along with the best time to visit and the variety of activities and landscapes that will reveal the magic of each destination.


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