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Alaska Bear Watching Holidays

Our collection of bear watching holidays to the remote American state of Alaska offer fantastic opportunities to see brown, Kodiak and grizzly bears in their natural habitat. Among the world’s most captivating animals, and the world’s largest land predators, bears are Alaska’s star attractions.

A bear watcher’s paradise, hotspots include Katmai National Park, home to 2,000 brown bears, Admiralty Island where the highest concentration of brown bears in the world live and Kodiak Island where you will find around 3,000 brown bears so large (weighing up to 1,500lbs!) that they merit their own special name, Kodiak bears.

With the ubiquitous black bear, Alaska’s bear population is abundant – but bears are solitary, elusive animals that seldom explore areas populated by humans, which means seeing them in the wild is an unforgettable experience.

Maximise your chances of doing so on one of our specialist bear watching holidays. Fly from Anchorage to Redoubt Bay, one of the most easily accessible bear viewing spots; take a guided tour in Denali National Park; or see brown bears fishing for salmon at Brooks Falls in the heart of Katmai. Access is often by floatplane, so you’ll also enjoy an authentic Alaskan experience as part of the journey.

Bear viewing is possible in Alaska’s national parks throughout the summer, with the salmon runs of July offering the chance to witness bears congregating in larger numbers around waterfall and rivers. Our expert knowledge and wealth of experience in arranging tailor made holidays means you can experience the magic of Alaska’s bears in a way that suits you.

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