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How much things cost in Canada

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Working out a daily budget for general living expenses is a good way to avoid unexpected surprises. We’ve created the following guide to give you an indication of what you can expect to pay for typical items as well as tips for maximising your budget. Credit and debit cards are widely accepted.

Item Canada $ (average) UK £ (approx)
Cappuccino 4.84 3
Three course meal for two at mid-range restaurant 95 59
Petrol / gasoline 1.63/litre 1.01/litre

** As of November 2023 the exchange rate is around CAN$1.6 to £1 **
Please note the amounts quoted here are averages and are updated periodically. Data is taken from 

Eating out & tipping

Restaurants have the option of including tax in their meal prices – menus must state whether the prices do or do not include tax, so if it’s unclear make sure that you ask.

Tipping is expected at restaurants and bars 15% – 20% on the pre-tax bill is the standard. When you’re staying at hotels, bellhops will expect a tip of $2 – $5 per bag and it’s welcomed if you leave a few dollars for the cleaners.

Useful information

Discounts are widely available to seniors, children and students throughout the Canada, and many attractions also offer a family admission price.

If you’re heading to more remote regions of Canada – the Canadian Arctic or Newfoundland & Labrador for example – make sure you get cash beforehand as ATMs aren’t common.

The main thing to be aware of is that taxes are usually not included in the label price of goods and services, and the amount of tax ranges from 6% – 15% depending on the province. The exceptions are fuel (where the price at the pump always includes all applicable taxes) and eating out.