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April to October is prime whale watching time in Canada – the best time to seek out some of the 33 plus species of whale that live in Canada’s oceans. Whale watching trips are offered in small zodiacs, sailing boats, comfortable cruisers and, in Newfoundland, from the shore.

On the Pacific west coast, the Johnstone Strait, between Vancouver Island and the British Columbian mainland, is one of the best places in the world to see orcas. From late June to October this spot is home to nearly 300 of these majestic, playful creatures. Experience the thrill of kayaking with orcas and on a boat cruise look out for humpback and minke whales, porpoise, seals and otters too. Enormous grey whales can be seen blowing fountains of sea water off the coast of Vancouver Island as they migrate northwards between March and April.

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Over in eastern Canada, the spring thaw sparks a food-chain reaction in the Gulf of St Lawrence that lures a variety of whales, including beluga, fin, minke, humpback and blue. Spend time with the world’s largest population of humpbacks off the Newfoundland coast, an astonishing 5000 humpbacks visit during the summer months. Witnessing the sight of 50 tons of whale breaching and landing in an explosive splash is a truly memorable experience.

One of the top spots in the world for seeing beluga whales is where the warm waters of the Churchill Riverflow into Hudson Bay. Over 3000 belugas frolic, feed and raise their young before migrating north to the Arctic Ocean at the end of the summer. Setting out from the frontier town of Churchill, boat trips promise a close encounter with the inquisitive white whales or you can even kayak or snorkel with them.

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