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Finland Bear Watching Holidays

Our collection of bear watching holidays to Finland, in the northern reaches of Europe, allows visitors to experience these animals in their natural habitats. These are powerful creatures, difficult to find, rewarding to spot and even more fulfilling to watch.

Finland’s eastern region of Kuhmo, the wildlife runs wild and the Petola Nature Centre strives to bring travellers and photographers up close to the thriving population of brown bears. In neighbouring Russia, where the largest population of brown bears make home, the bear hides are ideal for spending the night on lookout in the northern summer months.

Our bear watching holidays allow guests to explore the area on an active adventure, focus on their photography or can combine their bear-watching with a number of other interests, including bird-watching, kayaking, photography and nature hiking – we can create a tailormade itinerary allowing you to experience the wonder of Finland’s bears in your own way.

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