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New Zealand Wildlife and Nature Holidays

It is almost impossible to travel around New Zealand and not be impressed by its natural beauty. These islands are blessed with amazing landscapes, highly unusual plants and trees and a wealth of birds and marine mammals, some of which are found nowhere else on earth.

New Zealand even has its own ‘Small Five‘ – search for the rare Hector’s dolphin, observe the intriguing yellow-eyed penguin, tiptoe along a beach at night to find the iconic kiwi bird, hunt for the ancient tuatara lizard and watch the brilliantly coloured kea soar overhead for wildlife encounters you’ll never forget.

Near Wellington is Zealandia: the Karori Sanctuary Experience, home to some of New Zealand’s rarest and most endangered wildlife, including kiwis, parrots and tuataras. Further north, you can swim with dolphins in the Bay of Islands or dive with the profuse marine life of the Poor Knights Islands off the coast of Northland.

On South Island, Kaikoura is New Zealand’s centre for whale watching – take a boat trip in search of big bull sperm whales and dusky dolphins. The rugged West Coast is home to fur seals, blue penguins, rare black petrels and white herons. In Fiordland National Park, Milford and Doubtful Sound cut deep into the heart of providing a rich haven for dolphins, seals and countless birds and an awe-inspiring venue for kayaking or cruising.

Some of the country’s best wildlife viewing can be found in the southern tip of South Island. The wildlife of the scenic Otago Peninsula is a big draw including yellow-eyed penguins, little blue penguins, albatross colonies and fur seals. New Zealand’s hidden gem, Stewart Island, is home to the brown kiwi and the only place in New Zealand where these timid nocturnal birds can be reliably seen in the wild.

An island of unbelievable animal encounters, our collection of wildlife and nature holidays can take you there.

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