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Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary, Hobart

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2.5 hours | Year round


This incredible night-time experience with a personal guide allows you to get close to some of Tasmania’s memorable wildlife, including the endangered Tasmanian devil, tawny frogmouths, potoroos, sugar gliders, wombats, golden possums, kangaroos and many more.

Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary specialises in education, rehabilitation and the release of orphaned and injured Tasmanian wildlife including the near extinct Tasmanian devil. This experience allows you to learn more about the various conservation programmes that Bonorong Sanctuary manages and will offer you an in-depth insight into the indigenous wildlife of Tasmania.

The number of wild Tasmanian devils is in sharp decline due to the effects of the infectious cancer – Devil Facial Tumour Disease. With this disease found in over 60% of the devils natural habitat, the numbers of wild devils has decreased by over 95% since 1996.  To safeguard against the possibility of extinction, Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary houses a permanent population of healthy devils and conducts a captive breeding programme in the hope that in future years, these genetically healthy devils can be reintroduced into wild areas where devils are safe from the disease.

This night-time tour allows you to enter the animals’ world and experience the hand-feeding of these diverse and nocturnal creatures. You will also be able to have a “tug of war” with the Tassie devils for their dinner. You will meet some of the sanctuaries rescued and orphaned wildlife including the friendly and curious resident mob of Forester kangaroos. Not only will you see these resilient animals up close but you will also learn how you can assist this amazing conservation effort in helping to rehabilitate them back into the wild.

Duration: 2.5 hours
Price: from  {CONVERT 92} per person
Departures: daily

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Personalised adventures. Trusted expertise.