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Dart River Wilderness Safari, Queenstown

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Dart River Wilderness Safari, Queenstown

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A braided and winding river system that is always changing, the Dart River is the perfect waterway to show off the thrilling capabilities of a jet boat.

An exciting journey by river, the magnificent surroundings are as awe-inspiring as the boat’s dancing manoeuvres themselves.

Dotted with views of shimmering white-peaked mountains, ancient emerald forests, thundering white waterfalls and glacial valleys that have been carved and hewn over time, the Dart River offers some of New Zealand’s most marvellous scenery.

Your return journey will be by 4WD safari vehicle, where your driver and guide will share stories about the surrounding countryside.

An epic collection of scenery that has formed the backdrop for a number of internationally renowned films, including Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, this is an area of the South Island that should not be missed.

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