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Devils After Dark, Cradle Mountain

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Devils After Dark, Cradle Mountain

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1.5 hours | Year round


Primarily a nocturnal species, the best time to see the iconic Tasmanian devil is once the sun has set and these animals come out to feed.

The Devils After Dark night-time feeding tour begins inside the ‘Devils at Cradle’ facility, where you will be given an insight into the conservation work of the sanctuary, before continuing outsides to enjoy a rare sighting of the devils interacting and feeding.

Guides are available to answer questions and provide information after the tour and you may have the opportunity to actually touch one of the devils for yourself. ‘Devils at Cradle’ is a sanctuary located on the edge of the Cradle Mountain National Park, and plays an important part in the conservation of the Tasmanian devil as well as the island’s two other carnivorous marsupials, the eastern and the spotted-tail quoll.

Visitors can learn more about the key threats to these species, primarily the Devil Facial Tumour Disease, which is having a serious impact on the number of wild devils on Tasmania. The sanctuary runs a captive breeding program and is committed to the longterm conservation of this now vulnerable species.

Duration: 1.5 hours
Price: from {CONVERT 25} per person
Departures: daily

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