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Eqip Glacier and Rodebay

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7 hours | Jun-Aug


A glacier whose face stretches for a full five kilometres, the Eqip glacier is the only one in the Ilulissat area that regularly calves.

On this cruise, you will journey out to the magnificent glacier face for yourself to witness the marvelous blues and whites which cover the ice.

A myriad of colour, far more than most people imagine, greets visitors on arrival and one or two ‘ice-junkies’ have been born after a visit to one of these still yet powerful glaciers.

As Eqip does calve regularly, the waters around it are festooned with icebergs in various stages of life, worn and patterned by the movement of the water and the push of the elements and tempting cameras all over the ship.

Cruise the glacier face and keep an eye out for seabirds and marine life that is frequently spotted in the area.

Visit the tiny settlement of Rodebay 20 km north of Ilulissat, home to fewer than 100 people dedicated to fishing and hunting.

Please note that this excursion is subject to pack ice and weather conditions and may require minimum numbers to operate.

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