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Perched along a western-facing cliffside that overlooks the Skjálfandi Bay and the Arctic Circle to the north, GeoSea provides the ultimate vantage point for whale watchers in the summer and for those seeking the northern lights during the winter months.

GeoSea sea baths enables you to enjoy nature in a unique manner. Thanks to the underground heat, the seawater in the baths is warm and comfortable and the mineral-rich water will caress your skin. While the warm sea works its miracles, you can enjoy the view of the mountain range to the west, Skjálfandi Bay beneath the cliffs and the Arctic Circle itself on the horizon.

About the GeoSea

For centuries, the geothermal heat north of Húsavík has been known to residents, who have utilized it for bathing and washing. As the hot sea water was too rich in minerals to be suitable for heating houses an old cheese barrel was installed at Húsavíkurhöfði where residents could enjoy the health benefits of bathing in hot seawater at a balmy 38°-39°C. The water in the GeoSea sea baths comes from two drill holes, one located by the cheese barrel and the other by Húsavík harbor.

Please note that due to the GeoSea’s popularity and in order to avoid delays upon arrival we strongly recommend customers to pre-book their entrance tickets in advance with an allocated entry time. Please contact our team to find out more.


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