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Lava Centre

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Various hours | Year round


The new Lava Centre offers visitors a full multimedia experience; immersing guests into Iceland’s volcanic and seismic life. It’s the largest museum of its kind in the country. Situated in Hvolsvollur, around 100km east of Reykjavik and just off the famous Ring Road, the Lava Centre complements the area’s incredible scenery and explains the science behind the country’s creation over millions of years.

Through multimedia presentations, enormous models and simulators; learn all about the country’s powerful inner forces; from eruptions and lava flows to earthquakes, faults and glacial floods. See how large convection currents move mantle rock beneath the Earth’s tectonic plates, watch Iceland’s elaborate monitoring system for surveying volcanoes and earthquakes and get up close and personal with fiery volcano and earthquake simulations. A large rooftop platform offers 360 degree views towards Eyjafjallajokull, Katla and Hekla volcanoes, and a cinema provides even more mesmerising insights into the world of volcanic eruptions. As well as being truly fascinating for adults, the centre is expected to be a real winner with families; bringing science and geography classes to life.

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