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Landmannalaugar by Superjeep

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Landmannalaugar by Superjeep

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8 hours | Year round


A journey by Iceland’s quintessential Superjeep, this is a tour that is geared towards those fascinated with the country’s geology and volcanic landscapes. A journey through the wild and beautiful Icelandic highlands, this excursion explores colourful rhyolite mountains, bubbling hot springs and curious rock formations.

After being collected in Reykjavik, guests will head through the wide, magnificent plains of southern Iceland before climbing through the spectacular Thjorsadardalur Valley. Guests will stop at an ancient volcanic crater that now forms a startling, cobalt-blue lake. Ljotipollur will be the next stop, an inactive explosion crater with glistening rust-red coloured walls that preceeds the track-crossed lava fields and a network of unbridged mountain rivers and spawling Arctic desert.

On reaching Landmannalaugar, you will find stunning landscapes of colourful rhyolite mountains and hot and cold springs which blend to create the ideal setting for a relaxing bath. At Frostastadavatn an expansive blue lake with moss-covered shores stretches before you and a final stop will be made at one of the island’s most active volcanoes, Mt. Hekla. Rather than a traditional cone-shape, this volcano is made up of a series of ridges that stretch across the horizon. Minimum 2 participants, at other times of the year a minimum of 4 participants is required.


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