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Electric Northern Lights Snowmobile Safari

from £160

3 hours | Jan-Feb, Nov-Dec


Between November and February each year a remarkable phenomenon occurs in Svalbard – The Polar Night. During these weeks the sun is at 6 degrees under the horizon and therefore never shines on Spitsbergen. While the sun is hidden under the horizon, Longyearbyen becomes a magical place, lit only by street lamps, the northern lights and the moon which glitters in the snow. The atmosphere is completely unique and as you experience this mystical darkness you will know you a long way from the beaten track. Don’t forget to look up when we stop – during the Polar Night you double the chance of seeing the Northern Lights. The reindeer kick in the snow to find their fodder, and the foxes slink around in the dark. You will have an opportunity to stop and enjoy the scenery and the guide will serve hot drinks and biscuits. During the stop you make be able to see the impressive Northern Lights which can often be visible during the day time.

Full instructions and safety information is provided before departure. Prices include third party insurance (self-risk excess 6,000 NOK). Drivers must hold a valid driving licence and be able to show it on request.

Duration: 3 hours
From price: £160 per person (two sharing), £200 per person (single rider), £160 per child (not suitable for children under 8)

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Personalised adventures. Trusted expertise.