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Choosing Your Flights to Italy

Please be aware that your tour price will not be confirmed unless flights are on sale and costs have been confirmed by the airline.

Dependent on the choice of airline, flights will become available 8 to 12 months before departure. Ahead of this time, your quote estimate is based on what we feel is a realistic forecast starting price.

For estimated tour prices to Italy using easyJet, Jet2 or other low cost airlines we recommend that you add a contingency of at least £50-£150 per person to provide protection in the event that your flight price is higher than forecast.

Flight prices based on other airlines such as British Airways are unlikely to change greatly, but we would always recommend a contingency of around £50 until a provisional booking can be made.

When planning an overseas trip, it can be tempting to use a low cost or budget airline such as easyJet or Jet2 in order to get a lower tour price. However, this may not always be the best option for your group. Here are some important factors to consider when choosing your airline:

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Prices On Peak Dates

At peak times such as school holidays, budget flights can often be more expensive than scheduled flights as flight routes and prices are generally released later. Therefore, should you choose to wait to see the price of a low cost fare, other airlines such as British Airways will have already been selling their tickets for months and they are therefore likely to have limited availability and higher prices than at the time they were originally released, meaning more demand for tickets whatever the airline.

Variable Flight Prices

Using low cost airlines in a quote estimate for your school trip does not necessarily give a realistic tour price. We have provided you with a quote. However, unlike other airlines, budget airlines focus heavily on supply and demand at the time of booking your tickets and therefore the flight cost quoted initially is susceptible to large increases. Some tour operators will use easyJet and similar low cost airlines to make their quoted tour price sound more appealing. These operators tend to avoid specifying the airline or airport in your initial quotation, so please exercise caution when comparing quotations from different tour operators.

Securing Your Tickets

At peak periods, flight seats are always in high demand. With many airlines we can reserve your seats at a guaranteed price for a number of weeks, allowing you time to launch the trip and promote a confirmed price to your students. You do not have this luxury with low cost airlines and flight prices can change significantly, sometimes within minutes.

Impact On Preferred Accommodation

Choosing to wait until low cost flights are released can have an impact on your accommodation. We are unable to hold accommodation on request for long periods and whilst it is extremely unlikely that there will be no accommodation available for your group, it is more likely that the most popular accommodations will not be available by the time budget airlines release their flights.

Your Payment Structure

When booking with low cost airlines, we require payment for the full flight cost and a full passenger names list with passport information in order to make the booking. Charges for errors that result in changes will be passed back to your group and are often higher when compared with other airlines.

Your Flight Times & Dates

Budget flights tend to fly at less sociable hours, which can impact on your itinerary and general comfort. By considering other airlines who offer flights less at more sociable times, you can get the most out of your trip. It is not possible to determine on which days of the week or from which airports flights will run until they are released. Ahead of that time we will quote based on expected patterns, but these cannot be guaranteed.

On Board Seating

We cannot ensure that your group will be seated together on board low cost flights and if this is possible, a supplementary charge may be applicable.

If You Do Decide To Fly Low Cost

It is important to state that we do successfully work with a number of school groups for whom easyJet and other low cost airlines do provide the best option, particularly for those seeking regional departures. Should you wish to proceed with using a budget airline, we recommend that you add a contingency of at least £50-£150 per person to provide protection in the event that your flight price is higher than forecast. This can be returned to parents or added to your overseas float in the event it is not required. For further information please consult your Travel Specialist.