Geography Curriculum Links

To help highlight where your trip fits into the geography curriculum, and to assist you in choosing the destination which best matches your desired learning outcomes, we’ve created this easy-to-use checklist.

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To view detailed curriculum links for each destination please click on the destination links below, or for inspiration on how to bring the curriculum links to life click on the curriculum topic title below.

River Landscapes

Explore a river gorge from within by trekking or tubing down the Alcantara River in Sicily, or witness the most spectacular upper course features in Norway such as the 182m cascade of Voringsfossen or the four waterfalls of the Husedalen trail.

Glacial Landscapes

In Iceland, traverse the pro-glacial environment of Europe’s second largest glacier, Langjokull by 8-wheel-drive vehicle, before exploring the man-made tunnels inside the ice on the ‘Into the Glacier’ tour. In Norway, take a fjord cruise or canoe excursion amid impressive postglacial landscapes.

Natural Hazards

In Iceland, visit a tectonic rift valley and the locations hit by eruptions of Eyjafjallajokull and Heimaey’s Eldfell, or in Sicily ascend Etna, Europe’s tallest active volcano, plus visit the eponymous island of Vulcano. The volcanic archipelago of the Azores features one of Europe’s finest visitor centres amid the lunar landscapes of Capelinhos volcano.

Climate Change

Take a hike on Iceland’s Solheimajokull, where the impacts of climate change are clearly apparent in the glacial valley.

Weather and Climate

Review how local wildlife adapt to the the the tropical weather in Costa Rica or evaluate the hazard/ storm management in Iceland.


How many of the 200 bird species that live in the Costa Rican rainforest can you spot? For a new way to explore the rainforest, why not zip wire through it?

Map skills

Equipped with only a compass and a map, can your group beat your piers in this exciting Orienteering challenge in a Norwegian forest and countryside?

Food resources

In the Bay of Naples, take time for tours and tasting of local produce at mozzarella farms, citrus groves and vineyards, or feed the salmon in a spectacular setting at a floating farm in Norway’s Hardangerfjord, where your guide will explain how food production is balanced with environmental stewardship.

Energy Resources

Evaluate characteristics and impacts of geothermal and hydro power stations, such as the stunning but controversial Karahnjukar in east Iceland or Cachi in Costa Rica. Take a forest trek in the Azores to follow the development of HEP and geothermal power within the space of a couple of miles.

Water Resources

Investigate and understand the issue of water security using the island of Mallorca as a case study. The study includes different site visits. Each site focuses on a different aspect of water security in order to obtain an overview of the subject.

Students will learn about water conserving strategies which are specific to Mallorca including traditional techniques.

Urban Issues and Change

Over the past two decades, the historic city centre of Palma has undergone a process of urban change. Students’ will conduct a study considering the urban regeneration process and its impact on the residents of these neighbourhoods. It is an opportunity to understand the necessity of considering the opinions and the role of all stakeholders in plans involving urban change.

Sustainable Cities

Sustainable urban development aims to meet the needs of the present generation without compromising the needs of future generations. Students can explore cities like Reykjavik or Palma to evaluate how successfully the city is becoming sustainable. The visit can consider all or some of the six key aspects of sustainability.

Economic Change

Naples in Italy exuberantly brings to life the challenges of changing economic function and employment.

Coastal Landscapes

On a trip to the Bay of Naples, encounter the spectacular caves, cliffs and arches of Capri and the Amalfi Coast by road or by boat.

Rural Environments

Surprisingly, Rome is an epic location for Rural Studies. At a visit to Circeo National Park, students will learn all about how the area was established in 1934 to preserve the last area of Pontine Marshes which were being reclaimed during this period.


In Montenegro, you can review how mass tourism in the seaside towns compares to the eco-tourism of the northern parts of the country. Students’ visit a selection of national parks, and can evaluate how tourism is managed in each of them, as well as investigating how Montenegro’s lakes and mountains lend themselves to adventure seeking tourists.

Graphical Skills

Whether Mallorca or Iceland, our fantastic fieldwork opportunities will not only give you a chance to do some in depth fieldwork on your chosen topic, but will also put your graphical skills to the test.