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Glacier hike on Franz Josef Glacier, New Zealand

School Trips For Activity And Challenge

Outside of their classroom environments, students can put their non-academic skills to the test! Encourage your students to explore natural environments, take on new experiences and have fun along the way!

We make sure there are some energetic and physical activities available in each of our destinations. Wherever you want to go for an active adventure, ask our travel specialists to create a trip with this objective in mind.

Top 10 Active and Challenging Activities

  1. Kayaking in Abel Tasman in New Zealand
  2. Zip Lining in Costa Rica
  3. Ice Climbing in Iceland
  4. Snowshoe Hiking on the glacial plateau of Norway
  5. Snorkelling in Sicily
  6. Horseback Riding in Costa Rica
  7. Rock Climbing in Norway
  8. Climbing Mount Pico in the Azores
  9. Swimming with Dolphins in New Zealand
  10. Bike Riding on Xian’s ancient walls in China

All of our itineraries are tailor-made. To get you inspired take a look at our sample itineraries designed around Activity and Challenge.

About Hardangertun

Our Norway trips stay around the Hardangerfjord at Hardangertun Holiday Park which is perfectly situated for all sorts of outdoor activities. This accommodation is unique because students are also responsible for making their own food and taking care of their rooms. This gives students an excellent opportunity to develop independence and essential life skills.

norway hardangertun holiday park accommodation


Day 1

norway hardangertun holiday park accommodation cabin

Start Your Week Of Independance And Adventure

When your students arrive at Hardangertun Holiday Park the trained and enthusiastic team will get them involved in some team building activities to kick off their experience.

Each day they will collect provisions to make their breakfast and lunches for the following day. Each cabin will have a leader appointed to ensure their team keeps it clean and tidy.

This level of independence is not only a great form of team work but will also teach the students new skills they can take home to their families.

Day 2

norway husedalen trail waterfall

Husedalen Trail Hike

Embark on a hike on the Husedalen Trail following the Kinso river leading up to Europe’s largest eroded plain.

You will see four waterfalls along the sometimes steep and challenging route.

Day 3

norway fjord canoeing

Canoeing And Archery

Head to the fjord for canoeing. You will be shown how to canoe before taking to the water with a guide to see the wildlife and scenery.

Back at camp try out your medieval skills in an archery tournament.

Day 4

norway zipline blog

Via Ferrata, Zip lining And Orienteering

Via Ferrata is a climbing wall where metal foot and hand holds are secured into the sheer rock face. The students must work together to lead each other through the course and once they have ascended their reward is the exhilarating 130m zip line back down to earth.

The afternoon will be filled with a chance to explore the forest with a map and compass as part of some orienteering, plus an archery competition.

Day 5

norway fjords aurland view istk 1

Choose to see the National Park from one of two perspectives. Either strap on snow shoes and roam the frozen hills to experience the incredible views.

Alternatively, take on the 4-hour Bondhus Valley Hike where you can view the glacier from a distance and learn about glaciology and the local history in the valley.

Day 6

norway bergen alesund sunset view istk m

Explore Bergen

Enjoy the sights and sounds of Norway’s compact city of Bergen. You can explore the city by foot until your flight home – a great chance to pick up any souvenirs.

Does this trip appeal to you? Maybe you would want more time to explore Bergen or more time on the water learning to canoe? Talk to our friendly team, it is our job and passion to create unique itineraries to suit your group.

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