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The Big Summer Geography Quiz 2022

The Big Summer Geography Quiz 2022

A perfect quiz for the end of term, our popular Big Summer Geography 2022 Quiz is now here! Our quiz includes ten big rounds including a round from our strategic partners Critical Thinkers. Our big quiz has been developed by a former teacher and focuses on the different elements of the national geographical curriculum. It is perfect for KS3 plus, and teachers can adapt their quizzes by picking and choosing rounds based on their students competency. The full quiz should take around an hour to complete – a fun and interactive activity to end the school year on a high!

The rounds consist of the following topics:

Round 1 – Ecosystems

Round 2 – General Geographical Knowledge

Round 3 – Spot the Mistake

Round 4 – Population & Development

Round 5 – Geography in the News

Round 6 – Where am I?

Round 7 – Places & Landmarks

Round 8 – Flags & Currency

Round 9 – Physical Landscapes

Round 10 – Critical Thinking by Critical Thinkers

Good luck and don’t forget to share the results with us on our Facebook and Twitter platforms!